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Written by Robert Bruce Baird

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I think this means that allrepparttar talk about anomalous or truthful science is a bunch of you know what fromrepparttar 127638 ego of man. We are 'connected' and our real self is not our ego. I am also ofrepparttar 127639 opinion that he sees something I think isrepparttar 127640 nature of reality aboutrepparttar 127641 personality that some insist continues in such things as past-life regressions. Yes, perhaps through limbo and obsessions some things stay in this materially focused frame of reference (I have performed exorcisms) but when we are reborn all those memories of other lives are memories of a collective oversoul not anything like an individual soul. Maya and samsara orrepparttar 127642 'busy-mind' do indeed deceive as he says - and though a few will gain great insight intorepparttar 127643 plural they will still be far from totally informed. Thus we must be open to all possibilities.

“Inherent to wave mechanics arerepparttar 127644 mechanisms of wave superposition and parallel and non-linear information processing. And these mechanisms, which are also affected and regulated byrepparttar 127645 laws of thermodynamics, are responsible for information growth andrepparttar 127646 evolution of biological matter. Information begets information.” – Laurent from Gaithersburg, Maryland.

My work can be found at World-Mysteries.com and my book Diverse Druids is showing up in fine stores like Omega in Toronto.

Evolution and Exorcisms

Written by Robert Bruce Baird

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Ego and protecting territory abound inrepparttar internecine warfare that academics who seldom DO anything, often fight over. Meanwhilerepparttar 127637 real DOERS explorerepparttar 127638 boundless and awesome 'waves ofrepparttar 127639 marvellous'. (8) We should accept evenrepparttar 127640 ridiculous possibilities that come to mind as having merit or avenues to understand, rather than constantly fighting to make black and white answers that support our ego and limitrepparttar 127641 people who put forward possibilities. The real rule should be something alongrepparttar 127642 line of 'if it hurts no one, why not enjoyrepparttar 127643 possibility? There are ample evidences that every supposed correct point of view or paradigm is short-lived unless backed by force and some kind of authority that limits rather than supports god and his/her purpose. Then an open-mind obtains new insight and findsrepparttar 127644 templates of reality even in exploring what first appears to be utterly absurd. I admit I often have foundrepparttar 127645 idea of creationism absurd, and yet as I said atrepparttar 127646 start of this entry I am now onrepparttar 127647 side of creationists through evolutionary forces with intentional creative inputs inrepparttar 127648 Intelligent Design or Interventionist mode. The next entry will seem absurd to most people and few will think it deserves inclusion in a segment purporting to have anything to do with science. I must include it in honest presentation despiterepparttar 127649 ridicule most people will attribute to it, and me.

EXORCISMS: - No, I don't believe it has anything to do with devils and those who project such evil images and intents. These people arerepparttar 127650 ones who claim only they can exorcizerepparttar 127651 very devils they manufacture, inrepparttar 127652 hallucinatory and delusional or vulnerable people they treat. 'The Devils of Loudon' by Aldous Huxley exposes these Catholic masters ofrepparttar 127653 art of deception. That doesn't mean there are no spirits or dimensional entities with consciousness. To say such a thing would fly inrepparttar 127654 face of allrepparttar 127655 science we have presented. The soul would have no immortality asrepparttar 127656 Keltic Creed and Mandukya Upanishads that Eugene Wigner thinks explains quantum reality tells us is real. To deny such phenomena isrepparttar 127657 kind of thing reductionists in love with logic and certain of their omniscience will assure us they know. How can shamans create herbal concoctions that chemists can't create? How can we doubtrepparttar 127658 actual results ofrepparttar 127659 'dowsers' and Tesla's great achievements from visions or his 'non-force info packets' which allow such 'free energy' to be manufactured in something called a vacuum. NASA assures usrepparttar 127660 ingredients of life are ‘everywhere’ and that could even include a vacuum. What kind of avoidance of fact or 'easy answers' do you have to find in order to explain away reality and what you can observe with your own eyes? You would have to attributerepparttar 127661 construction of 'henges' orrepparttar 127662 Nazca Lines to aliens or gods!

We don't reject these possibilities but they would only serve to enhancerepparttar 127663 probability of spirits that can possess our physical and complex body with all of its conscious atoms and coordinated centers of energy known as chakras. The science and medicine ofrepparttar 127664 ancients assures us that these things exist and these scientists have a solid track record of performance. They DOrepparttar 127665 things others can't explain - then they explain how 'chhi' or Shakti is in every part of everything inrepparttar 127666 universe, and have sufferedrepparttar 127667 guffaws of know-it-alls who are usually wrong. This energy with consciousness is open to direction and will availrepparttar 127668 trapped or confused soul without awareness and unwilling to go on with life, an opportunity to hang on as ghosts or inrepparttar 127669 bodies of those they have shared life with. Sorry to disappointrepparttar 127670 authors of 'Darwinism Evolving' but I knew this was fact even before 500 watts were extracted from a vacuum by machines built onrepparttar 127671 principles of Tesla. Those of us who have first hand knowledge of 'the waves ofrepparttar 127672 marvellous' like Bucky Fuller and Einstein need no peer approval from those who deny god,repparttar 127673 soul and ESP.

I am an activist author for ecumenicism and exposure of Synarchy. My work can be seen at World-Mysteries.com.

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