Quotes and Sayings - Colloquialisms Part 2

Written by Lisa Jay

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"don't get your panties in a wad" - patients "he could sit onrepparttar fence andrepparttar 118081 birds would feed him" - lucky "he'd argue with a wooden Indian" - argumentative "he couldn't organize a pissing contest in a brewery." - worthless "he'll squeeze a nickel tilrepparttar 118082 buffalo screams." - cheap "don't trip overrepparttar 118083 outhouse." - caution "tired as a boomtown whore." - tired "don't squat on your spurs." "if you lie down with dogs, you get up with fleas." "more fun than a barrel of monkeys!" "it's better than a sharp stick inrepparttar 118084 eye." "I'm busier than a cat covering crap." "off like a herd of turtles" "between a rock and a hard place" "shootin'repparttar 118085 breeze" - talking with friends. "whenrepparttar 118086 cows come home" "slept like a rock" "eat like a pig" "clean as a whistle" "fresh as a daisy" "the boob tube" "knock it off" "picture perfect" "a bunch of malarkey" "cute as a bug's ear" "knock your socks off" "the early bird getsrepparttar 118087 worm" "better late than never" "hind site is better than fore site" "waiting for my ship to come in" "wish in one hand and ____ inrepparttar 118088 other" "left high and dry with no pot to pee in." "kickrepparttar 118089 bucket" "six feet under" "in my prime" "early to bed early to rise makes a man healthy, wealthy and wise" "slow as molasses" "nice as pie" "hitrepparttar 118090 hay" "rise & shine" "smooth as silk" "moxie" - a lot of guts "can't seerepparttar 118091 forest forrepparttar 118092 trees" "well heís got some brass ones don't he?" "that makes about as much sense as a jar of dirt." "too bad, too sad, life goes on." "fell outrepparttar 118093 cracker tree." "over yonder" "one gene short of a marble" "fit as a fiddle" "flat as a "flitter" "low as frozen molasses going up hill" "o dark thirty" "aren't you justrepparttar 118094 cat's pajamas!" - all dressed up "timbuktu" "jacking their jaw" - talking a lot "ah, button your lip" - shut up "slingin'repparttar 118095 bull." "going to town" - going shopping "inrepparttar 118096 boondocks" - out inrepparttar 118097 woods. "way out inrepparttar 118098 boonies" - way out inrepparttar 118099 woods "goosepen" - a burned out stump "no-account" "triflin" "ain't fit to tote guts to a bear" "like a red-headed stepchild" "rode hard and put up wet" "fixin' to learn big wood from brush" - learn a lesson "whipped like a rented mule" - loserepparttar 118100 game "I didn't come uprepparttar 118101 Clyde in a banana boat" "I was born at night, but not last night!" "my train fell offrepparttar 118102 track" "kick a bush" - go torepparttar 118103 'powder room' when you're out inrepparttar 118104 woods "wool choppin'" - hair cut "ear bobs" - earrings "ran sackedrepparttar 118105 place" "I work like a slave to bring inrepparttar 118106 bread" "chompers" - false teeth "neat as a pin" "cool as a cucumber" "ride likerepparttar 118107 wind" "gettin' your ears lowered" - hair cut "dishpan hands" "ifrepparttar 118108 devil don't find me andrepparttar 118109 crik (creek) don't rise" "ifrepparttar 118110 good Lord willin' andrepparttar 118111 crick don't rise" "in a pig's eye" "can't make a silk purse out of a sow's ear" "spit quick or die." "numb as a hake" - hake is a fish "can't get theyah from heah" - can't get there from here "slicker than froghair" "plain as a mud fence" "tougher than a cob" "tighter than dick's hatband" "looser than a fart in a windstorm" "older than dirt" "he/she "would lie for a nickel andrepparttar 118112 truth worth a dime" "cuter than pink slippers" "gayer than a birthday tablecloth" "randier than a boar coon" †"He'd gripe with a ham under each arm" "Iím hungrier than a bitch hound dog suckin' pups" "She's uglier than a mud fence" "It'd be a dark night atrepparttar 118113 well before she'd get a drink- (In other words, she's so ugly she'd only get her water fromrepparttar 118114 well at night to avoid being seen.) "I'm hotter than a popcorn fart" "I'm sweatin' like a whore in church on Sunday" "I'm too pooped to pop." - very tired "I'm a stuck duck in a dry pond" - meaning a very difficult situation to get out of "It's so noisy in here, I can't hear myself think." "It's about as useless as a sore thumb" "It's colder than a well digger's butt in Idaho." "I'm worn to a frazzle" - very tired "It came a real gully-washer last night." - lots of rai) "Whew, I'm hot as a bear!" "There were so many people, you couldn't stir 'em with a stick. "took off like a cat hit inrepparttar 118115 a__ with a boot jack" "heís pretty as a speckled pup" "Heís drunker than Old Cooter Brown" "He came in 3 sheets inrepparttar 118116 wind" (to describe someone drunk) "He's tighter than a fiddle string" -very conservative with money - He doesn't know "Youíre gettin' just a little bit too big for your britches -- I may have to take you down a notch or two." "Oh, it's too far and snakey." "Don't just sit there like a frog on a log" "I'm so thirsty I could drinkrepparttar 118117 well dry"

Lisa Jay is a freelance writer and the jewelry designer behind Lantana Designwear. You can visit her websites at http://www.LantanaDesignwear.com and www.JewelryMakingHQ.com Be sure to sign up for her newsletter at http://www.LantanaDesignwear.com/signup_newsletter to receive information on jewelry, fashion and womens issues.

Quotes and Sayings - Colloquialisms Part 1

Written by Lisa Jay

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"sure you can date; in fact Iíll be waiting for him inrepparttar front yard while I sharpen my machete" "yes, he has to come torepparttar 118080 door and pick you upÖ how else will I getrepparttar 118081 change to interrogate him?" "if he wants to date you, he has to get through me first!!" - referring to a date who blowsrepparttar 118082 car horn for you "now just wait a minute, youíre moviní so fast you look like one of Pavlovs dogs runniní forrepparttar 118083 bell" "well that is rude. How rude? Iíll tell you how rude" "well he can just stay out there and blow his horn, and maybe heíll get some cows to come home" "donít stay out later than whenrepparttar 118084 cows come home"

Slow, Fast

"high-tailing it" - running fast "fast as a rabbit" "like green corn throughrepparttar 118085 new maid"

Stop Yer complaininí

"well itís better than a kick inrepparttar 118086 arse with a frozen boot!" "well, itís better than a poke inrepparttar 118087 eye with a blunt stick!" "want in one hand, spit inrepparttar 118088 other, and see which one gets full first." - reply to someone that wants something "itís better than a sharp stick inrepparttar 118089 eye"

Poor, Rich, Money

"don't have a pot to p___ in or a window to throw it out of" "poor as a church mouse" "he may be good looking but good looking won't put food onrepparttar 118090 table" "you've got champagne taste with a beer pocketbook" - expensive taste "don't have one penny to rub against another one" "tighter than bark on a tree" - not generous "don't have a pot to pee in or a window to throw it out" - poor "he's got enough money to burn a wet mule" "filthy rich" "dirt poor"


"he's so dishonest he'd rather p--s inrepparttar 118091 wind than tellrepparttar 118092 truth" "he knows more ways to take your money than a roomful of lawyers"

Eat, Drinking and Cooking

"wetting your whistle" - getting a drink "gooder 'an candy and better 'an snuff" - grandma's cookin' "he eats like a pin in a swaller" "stump water" - weak coffee "don't swallow watermelon seeds or you'll wake up one morning with vines growing out of your ears" "tad, smidgen, dab" - Grannyís cooking measurements "tough as shoe leather" "grub's on"

How You Doing?

"oh, I'm circlin'repparttar 118093 drain" "fair to midlin" - I am told that this has to do with grading cotton "if I had a tail, it'd be waggin'" "well, better 'n gettin' poked inrepparttar 118094 eye, I suppose"

Tell Someone to Get Lost

"take a long walk off a short pier" "away and boil your head" - telling someone to get lost

Yes, No, Maybe, Never......

"I might could do that" - maybe "when pigs fly" - never "Ifrepparttar 118095 good Lord willin' andrepparttar 118096 crick don't rise" - when asked aboutrepparttar 118097 likelihood of just about anything happening "does a bear s**t inrepparttar 118098 woods"


"You kids are noisier than a fox inrepparttar 118099 henhouse" "You're so loud you could wakerepparttar 118100 dead" "Speak up, I think that mountain goat in Tibet did'n hear you!"


"son of a gosh darned sassaffras root!" - cussing around children

Lisa Jay is a freelance writer and the jewelry designer behind Lantana Designwear. You can visit her websites at http://www.LantanaDesignwear.com and www.JewelryMakingHQ.com Be sure to sign up for her newsletter at http://www.LantanaDesignwear.com/signup_newsletter to receive information on jewelry, fashion and womens issues.

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