Quitting Time: How Do You Know When Its Time To Quit Your Job

Written by Scott Brown

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-Youíve simply outgrown your position: * Maybe you started at a low level position and have been passed over for promotions even though youíre qualified * Youíre not being challenged enough

If you started out atrepparttar bottom ofrepparttar 148732 ranks, and now youíre atrepparttar 148733 top, you shouldnít be getting paidrepparttar 148734 bottom salary. Start looking for a job thatís right for your current level of expertise.

-Job stress is affecting your everyday life * You have chronic headaches or backaches * You have developed an anxiety, sleep or other disorder as a result of your job stress

The bottom line is work is stressful. There might even be some weeks where itís stressful everyday. But ifrepparttar 148735 weeks turn into months or longer, you might want to start looking for something that fits your life better. Whether itísrepparttar 148736 actual work you do,repparttar 148737 way your office is run, orrepparttar 148738 way your boss treats you, you should be able to look back and have some positive memories of your job. If youíre constantly stressing about your job when youíre not at work, it might be time to work somewhere else.

Scott Brown is the author of the Job Search Handbook (http://www.JobSearchHandbook.com). As editor of the HireSites.com weekly newsletter on job searching, Scott has written many articles on the subject. He wrote the Job Search Handbook to provide job seekers with a complete yet easy to use guide to finding a job effectively.

Petite Modeling is There a Career for You?

Written by Jennifer Parker

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To find out if you have any chance of success as a petite model you need to get an evaluation from an agency or someone who has contact with clients withinrepparttar industry. This will tell you if you haverepparttar 148252 look that their clients are hiring atrepparttar 148253 moment.

If you are told you just don't haverepparttar 148254 right look atrepparttar 148255 moment don't despair. The modeling industry moves at a fast pace, and what's not in now could berepparttar 148256 rave inrepparttar 148257 next 6 months. The models in this segment ofrepparttar 148258 market are ofter paid very well because advertisers usually focus more onrepparttar 148259 look ofrepparttar 148260 models face than her figure. Advertisers usually have more money to spend than many clients inrepparttar 148261 fashion industry and a good model could make as much as $125.00 per hour on her first job.

Not cute? Do you think you don't have that "glamourous" look that could get you high paying jobs as a model. Don't despair, even a normal person can get high paying jobs in this industry if they are easy to work with and sparkle on camera. A plain model who shines is more likely to getrepparttar 148262 job than a beautiful model who is lifeless.

Photographers and clients would rather work with a model who is vibrant and easy to work with than a beautiful one who is honery, does not take instructions well, and acts "snobby" or concieted onrepparttar 148263 job. Putting too high a price on yourself in this highly competative industry many times will cause clients to pass you on for a more pleasant model.

Find out how to break into the petite modeling industry, and get your face in front of hundreds of clients looking for petite and average models at http://www.petite-modeling.info

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