Quickstart Guide to Making Your Own Pet Food at Home

Written by Bridget Mwape

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You will find, once you begin making your own pet foods, that it is really relatively simple and you will save some money as well. Remember that all pet foods should be served at room temperature; don't serve food cold fromrepparttar refrigerator nor hot fromrepparttar 136863 stove.

Homemade pet food should take a ridiculously small amount of your time. As a general guide meats should be raw and vegetables must be finely chopped in a food processor or by a hand grater.

When it comes time for feeding, it is important that you let your dogs and cats eat as much as they want atrepparttar 136864 time of feeding. Once their body becomes nutritionally satiated, they will cut their food intake, sometimes by halfrepparttar 136865 amount, and go on a maintenance diet. Incidentally, you should know that cats should be fed three times a day, while an adult dog needs only one meal a day.

To get started, find a good book with pet food recipes and use it to start preparing simple meals. You can also get free recipes from many websites online. If preparing your own pet food is not an option for you visitrepparttar 136866 website below for some healthy pet food: http://www.pet-care-supplies.co.uk/food/

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Dog Raised Feeders - The Only Way to Go!

Written by Tara Pearce

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And come to think of it, there IS a tangible difference from when they ate out of standard floor level bowls – their *ahem* intestinal gas has dramatically decreased. I didn’t change foods or treats, simplyrepparttar height at which they fed themselves from. Of course, if you feed low quality food, or lots of table scraps, a raised dog dish won’t make a whit of difference.

Visit our website, http://www.a1-dog-info.com/dog-raised-feeders.htm to pick up a dog raised feeder for yourself – you won’t regret it!

Tara Pearce is the author and webmaster of A1-Dog-Info.com. Please visit us for all kinds of information about dog food, toys, health, books, supplies and clothes.


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