Quickly Eliminate 100% of Your Junk Email

Written by Anthony Vita

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For example, this is how my auto response reads:



Since I get way too much spam, I have enabled a feature on my email account which requires verification that you arerepparttar real sender.

To complete this verification, simply reply to this message and leaverepparttar 150593 subject line intact.

Once you are added to my "whitelist" of accepted senders I will receive your message and you will not have to complete another verification.


You can also enterrepparttar 150594 email addresses of all your friends, family, and business contacts ahead of time so they never receiverepparttar 150595 initial auto response. If you subscribe to newsletters or receive monthly statements from your bank you can add their return addresses into your whitelist so you never miss a message. If anyone else happens to email you, all they have to do is reply torepparttar 150596 auto response and they are added to your whitelist. At any given time you are able to view a list of emails awaiting verification (known as a “queue”). You can manually allow emails through to your Inbox or wait until they are verified.

Nowrepparttar 150597 big question – what happens to allrepparttar 150598 spam? Since spammers are not going to verify they received your auto response, all spam email will be caught in your queue of emails awaiting verification and never proceed to your inbox. This meansrepparttar 150599 only emails you are going to receive are those by approved senders. You will soon find that most emails awaiting verification are unsolicited, junk emails.

Since enabling “Boxtrapper” on one of my personal email addresses it has completely eliminated all incoming spam. I know many who use this feature and they are extremely pleased with not having to waste time sorting through and deleting unsolicited emails. While most spam filters use complex formulas to find out if an email is garbage, “Boxtrapper” is able to quickly determine ifrepparttar 150600 sender is real. So, how can you start making this feature work for you?

Because “Boxtrapper” is not sold in stores or a program you can readily download and install on your computer, it’s one ofrepparttar 150601 best kept secrets onrepparttar 150602 web. This feature is normally bundled with other email services provided by either your Internet Service Provider (ISP) or website host (most likely,repparttar 150603 latter). Byrepparttar 150604 way, I don’t have any stock in “Boxtrapper”. For some reason, they never sent me an email asking me to invest.

Anthony Vita started his own successful web hosting business, Web Feat, Inc, in 1997. Since then, Anthony has been helping businesses and individuals worldwide to achieve an online presence. Contact Anthony today by email: avita@webfeathost.com or the web: http://www.webfeathost.com

5 Secret Benefits That Bloggers Love And Enjoy

Written by Benjamin Scott

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5 Spam Free

With Spam problems and email filters creating a huge challenge for email marketers to publish their newsletters, bloggers are now using blogs as an additional option to communicate with their subscribers. The advantage of using blogs is that you don't have to worry about spam and email filters because your message will be delivered by using RSS (Really Simple Syndication). You can use these syndicated RSS "feeds" to displayrepparttar latest news from major newspapers, for example, on your own web site or read them on other sites collecting these feeds. There are special programs and web-based services called "RSS feed readers" or "RSS aggregators" that, givenrepparttar 150555 URL of an RSS feed will fetchrepparttar 150556 latest headlines periodically and let you read them comfortably and efficiently.

In Closing...

If you are looking for another source of traffic that is cost effective, spam free, search engine friendly, and perfect for building relationships, start publishing your own blog today. Once you get started, you too will experiencerepparttar 150557 secret benefits that bloggers love and enjoy.

Benjamin Scott operates a successful internet business working from his home personal computer. To learn how to duplicate his success and earn multiple streams of income using the internet take a FREE course at: http://www.eazyhomebusiness.com/ Copyright © 2005 Benjamin Scott

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