Quick System Restore with ASR Backups

Written by Linus Chang

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ASR backups are written to a backup medium, such as tape, which can then be used to restorerepparttar system to its prior state. Also required is a floppy disk, which is inserted whenrepparttar 136929 ASR Wizard is run.

To restore,repparttar 136930 Windows Installation CD is used to boot uprepparttar 136931 machine. The ASR floppy disk is inserted, andrepparttar 136932 ASR restore process commences. The process is completely automated, andrepparttar 136933 system is restored without further intervention.

ASR backups are a crucial part of your backup plan that will save you both time and money. If you perform an ASR backup each month or when making major system changes, you'll be able to restorerepparttar 136934 system easily whenrepparttar 136935 need arises.

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WARNING! Beware of Sveerz Deluxe

Written by David D. Deprice

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"Sveerz Deluxe will appeal to a wider range of users than it would were it just a simple variation on Simon Says." Download.Com Review "Green, blue, blue, yellow, red! These Sveerz do what they love and love what they do-sing! This game comes with 4 modes of play. Skunk Studios have really outdone themselves now!" Boz "I enjoyedrepparttar two-player mode. It is more of a challenge. I had my 19 year old grandson here who thoroughly enjoyedrepparttar 136850 Rhythm one. He is a musician and that was right up his alley. I think that would be one ofrepparttar 136851 ways you could advertise. He probably enjoyedrepparttar 136852 game even more than I did. I also lovedrepparttar 136853 wayrepparttar 136854 "announcer" says your name. That's cool." Grandma Anne Lou

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