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Written by David Gikandi

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Look at your web site log files. Ask your web-hosting provider where they are. The logs will be able to tell you how many visitors go to each page. They should also tell you how many visitors leave each page to go to a page outside your site. For each page, dorepparttar following calculation:

(Number of exits from page to a page outside your site) divide that by (number of visits to that page).

Any page that scores less than 0.15 is fine. It means that less than 15 of its visitors are leaving your site when they are on that page. Pages with more than that figure show you that a lot of people are leaving your site when they are on that page. These arerepparttar 125181 pages losing you money. Analyze each page and make them lose less content by making appropriate changes in their navigation links, content, look, and other aspects. Seerepparttar 125182 articles page at http://www.positionweaver.com/articles.shtml for articles on how to make your pages more effective.

Remember, people will always leave your site eventually. So what you need to do is make sure thatrepparttar 125183 pages withrepparttar 125184 highest exits are pages that contain ways of capturing your visitor's email addresses so you can follow up on them later. Also, make sure that they have suitable affiliate links so that you can make money when people leave your site by clicking on your affiliate links to go to another site.

There you go. Do this and within a matter of days you will be making more money from your web site. It is that simple. Enjoy!

David Gikandi (support@positionweaver.com) is CEO at SearchPositioning.com (http://www.aboutwebmasters.com). AboutWebmasters.com is a large interactive webmasters portal featuring everything an e-commerce professional needs.

More Links! Links! links!

Written by Dale Sexton

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3. If you use your own autoresponder, don't make it look like advertisement. You'll be accused of being a spammer. I used this message:

'If you found my email from a list or an email harvester, be assured that I will get your message. I will answer legitimate messages.

If you are interested in tools and information for your small business, send an email to: sbt2@sendfree.com '

What I've done is maderepparttar message look like I am avoiding spammers and I get my advertising in if someone wants to look at it.

4. Personalize your message torepparttar 125180 guestbook owner. This takes some work. You have to look atrepparttar 125181 owners pages to write a credible message torepparttar 125182 owner. If you do this, you will more than likely get a message back fromrepparttar 125183 owner thanking you for visiting.

All ofrepparttar 125184 messages I received came inrepparttar 125185 way of a feedback form, so I know they personally visited my site. I can now keep a personal rapport with them because I have their email address. Who knows? Maybe someday they may need my services or sign up for my newsletter.

5. Don't userepparttar 125186 message to advertise your site, product, or service. You will be accused of spamming. Keeprepparttar 125187 message about what you think aboutrepparttar 125188 owners site.

6. Putrepparttar 125189 address your message is on in a database to send to search engines later. After you have enough to put on a page, submitrepparttar 125190 page.

This causesrepparttar 125191 links to be spidered and you have more links onrepparttar 125192 popularity engines. Because your link will stay onrepparttar 125193 page for a long time. You don't have to be as hurried as you would doingrepparttar 125194 same for FFA links.

I recommend these tools to speed up filling out guestbooks or any other form.

Gator http://www.gator.com/ads.html

AdWizard http://www.wavget.com/adwizard.html

Though this might seem to be a slow process,repparttar 125195 benefits are good. Your links stays up for a long time, you can gain a relationship withrepparttar 125196 guestbook owner, s/he will be glad to have you post again months later.

Dale Sexton owns and operates 'PageCrafters.net' and publishes 'Small Business Tools magazine'. Both are focused on tools and tips to run your small business or start a business. You can reach him at pagecrafters@pagecrafters.net and sign up for 'SBT magazine' at http://pagecrafters.net/newsletter.html

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