Quick Quiz - Measure Your Meeting Mastery

Written by Steve Kaye

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8) How soon afterrepparttar meeting do you issue minutes? -- a) If you think I want to publicize how much time we wasted, you’re nuts, b) Within a few months or so, c) As soon as possible, if not faster

9) While someone is speaking, do you: -- a) Wonder aboutrepparttar 136686 strength of plastic foams, b) Plan a way to changerepparttar 136687 subject, c) Listen empathetically

10) What structured activities do you use in your meetings? -- a) We sit on chairs, b) Everyone leaves atrepparttar 136688 same time, c) Process tools designed to gather information, make decisions, and manage participation.

Score: subtract five points for every (a), mark a zero for every (b), and add five points for every (c).

If your total is:

* Negative: Go to your boss and ask to be fired

* Zero to 20: Stay home

* 25 to 35: Attend a workshop

* 40 to 50: Congratulations

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Dynamic Pre-Hiring Practices

Written by Charlon Bobo

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A method that works well is to request a resume via FAX. This allows complete anonymity. No company information is offered. If a candidate looks promising, you will contact them, not vice versa.

Another anonymous method for contact is a feature found on craigslist.com. Job posters are givenrepparttar option of “anonymizing” their email address, which encrypts it so applicants don’t have direct contact information.

2. Eagerness is apparent in a timely response byrepparttar 136519 applicant to your requests. If s/he delays in responding, will they delay in showing up for work? Or delay in gettingrepparttar 136520 job done? It makes a prospective employer wonder.

3. Forrepparttar 136521 first few exchanges, contactrepparttar 136522 applicant using an anonymous or generic email address. If someone is not a good candidate, for whatever reason, they do not have access to your direct contact information. You expend no time or energy communicating with candidates that are not excellent candidates.

4. Based on a promising resume, initiate contact withrepparttar 136523 applicant and ask for an email response to several questions that may or may not relate torepparttar 136524 available position, e.g.: · Why didrepparttar 136525 ad resonate with you? (Which they would have answered to some degree in their first email!) · What made you respond specifically to this ad? · What are your favorite activities when you are not working?

These questions putrepparttar 136526 applicant at ease to respond honestly and provide you with a great deal of “behind-the-scenes” insight into your prospective employee.

5. The response will confirm whether or not applicant is able to followrepparttar 136527 instructions inrepparttar 136528 ad. If not, it’s not a good thing, but they're not eliminated fromrepparttar 136529 interviewing process. Perhaps they're overly eager or were blasting employers. The lesson here is to refrain from drawing conclusions about them, but be watchful.

6. Establish a dialogue of at least two emails before setting up a personal interview. Based onrepparttar 136530 prospective employee’s timely first response to your questions, email a second time asking specific questions relating to their response. This gives you additional, telling information and communicates that you are actively listening and genuinely interested in them.

7. Whenrepparttar 136531 email dialogue process has narrowedrepparttar 136532 candidate list, arrange a convenient time to speak via telephone. This will provide additional, valuable information.

8. Ifrepparttar 136533 telephone meeting goes well, atrepparttar 136534 end ofrepparttar 136535 discussion inviterepparttar 136536 candidate for a personal interview.

Followingrepparttar 136537 preceding steps will give you an advantage by not only limitingrepparttar 136538 number of potential employees torepparttar 136539 most qualified, but also by taking control of what can be a tedious and inefficient pre-hiring process. Pay close attention torepparttar 136540 responses you receive from potential candidates; it is possible to learn quite a bit from initial contact that will save you time and energy when you are considering inviting prospective employees to a formal interview. The pre-hiring process does not have to be challenging if confronted with intentional and precise preparation.

This process is well worth your time. The hiring process should not be taken lightly, and a great fit is all-important. Inrepparttar 136541 end, you have hired quality people you keep for a long time, saving you many headaches!


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