Questions to Ask Yourself Before Signing a Partnership Contract

Written by Charles Fuchs

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Do you have a common vision? Where your home based business is concerned,repparttar two of you need to haverepparttar 142884 same goals and beliefs about what your home based business is about, where you want it to go, and how you want it to get there. Agreeing on these fundamentals can make or break a home based business. While differences of opinion are always going to occur and can even be good in that they may open your eyes to new, better ways of doing things, agreement onrepparttar 142885 fundamentals is vital to ensuring your home based business will succeed. What skills and abilities willrepparttar 142886 person bring to your home based business? This should be a lot more than just wanting to have a home based business, just like you do. And itís usually better whenrepparttar 142887 partner has a totally different skills and talents than you have. If both of you are only interested and capable of doingrepparttar 142888 exact, same tasks, then your home based business will not be a well-rounded one. This can also cause jealousy downrepparttar 142889 road when one of you, perhaps, gets more recognition thanrepparttar 142890 other. Good home based business partners have abilities that complement each otherómuch like they do in a good marriage!

Charles Fuchs

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Written by Vernette Carbon

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for a Fortune 500 company technology has made it easier to

do so. However, before you decide to work from home, you

must evaluate yourself to see if you would survive as a

home-based worker. Working from home is not for everyone.


Following are several questions you should ask yourself

before deciding to work from home. If you canít answer

yes torepparttar following questions, then you are not completely

ready to work from home. The questions are:

*Am I knowledgeable aboutrepparttar 142883 Internet and email?

*Do I manage my time well?

*Am I easily motivated or do I need people around me to motivate me?

*Am I disciplined?

*Can I balance family, work, and everything else atrepparttar 142884 same time?

*Am I teachable or do I like to do my own thing?

*Am I reliable?

*Do I have a specialized skill?

*Do I have allrepparttar 142885 equipment needed to work from home?

*Does my spouse have health insurance coverage forrepparttar 142886 family? If not, can I afford health insurance on my own? (If you need affordable health insurance, you can receive instant quotes from 114 different companies at Just type in your information and they will match you with specific companies based on your needs.) For dental plans check out

*Can I actually reducerepparttar 142887 high cost of health insurance by joining a group health insurance plan, reducerepparttar 142888 level of coverage, increase my deductible, pay annual premiums rather than monthly or quarterly, etc? (For more information check out National Association for repparttar 142889 Self-Employed at or

*Can I contribute to a self-employed 401(k) plan? (Visit to request a free information kit onrepparttar 142890 self-employed 401(k) plan forrepparttar 142891 self- employed and small business owner).

*Can I handle waking up earlier or staying up later whilerepparttar 142892 children are sleeping to meet my deadlines?

*Would I be able to make enough money to payrepparttar 142893 bills?

If you are focused, disciplined, have a positive attitude,

highly motivated with excellent communication skills, can

answer yes torepparttar 142894 above mentioned questions, then you are

ready to work from home as an independent contractor,

freelance or telecommuter. If not, then you can either

learn these lessons alongrepparttar 142895 way or work outsiderepparttar 142896 home

part time.

It is very important that before you start working from

home that you have an office set up with a good computer,

phone line (you will need a second phone line for some

assignments), and a fax machine. Some computers come with

faxing features. Most jobs are done remotely, andrepparttar 142897

Internet is a conduit for telecommuting jobs.

Vernette Carbon is the owner-publisher of, and the mother of two children. She is also author of an amazing new e-book, "Amazing Work at Home Secrets.Ē For more info about working from home for Fortune 500 companies visit or send a blank email to

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