Questions To Ask On a First Date

Written by Avishai Fuksman

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When you have an arsenal of conversation starters – it’s very easy to keeprepparttar conversation going.

You always have something to say, you develop a lively conversation like there’s nothing to it, you’re not nervous, “stuck” or “blocked” and you can avoidrepparttar 151191 awkward silence disaster pretty easily.

Here are 10 conversation starters that you can use on your next first date:

·Has any book had a major impact on you?

·What wasrepparttar 151192 best bargain you ever found?

·What’srepparttar 151193 most annoying thing someone could do on a first date?

·What'srepparttar 151194 most unusual thing you know how to do?

·Is there anything you can’t say "no" to?

·What food could they not pay you enough to eat?

·Who are your cult heroes? Why?

·What wasrepparttar 151195 craziest thing you ever did when you were a kid?

·If you could have any job inrepparttar 151196 world, what would it be?

·What would berepparttar 151197 title of your biography?

There are so many conversation starters that can work for you fantastically. They can serve as a great base for a flowing, lively, enjoyable conversation that can let your date learn aboutrepparttar 151198 “real you” while you leave allrepparttar 151199 pressure, anxiety and fear behind you.

Don’t leave home to go out on a first date empty-handed. Sit down, prepare some great conversation starters, memorize and practice them and your chances for a great date will increase drastically.

Avishai Fuksman is author of "The Date Saver", a downloadable guide for men that includes hundreds of first date conversation starters. To learn more, visit:

Atack, attack!

Written by Terry Dashner

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Forward movement forrepparttar believer is perseverance. When Daniel Webster was a young lawyer he took a case for a fee of $20.00. It was a difficult case and in preparing for it he had to make a trip to Boston, which in itself cost more than he was getting as a fee. He was determined to do a thorough job onrepparttar 151190 case and win it, which he did. Many years later a big company wanted him at short notice to undertake a case for what was in those days a fabulous fee. Webster looked overrepparttar 151191 case and found it was almost identical withrepparttar 151192 one he had researched and won 20 years before! Although it took 20 years to turn profit, his perseverance paid off.

Remember this point to safe-guard yourself against complacency: Resistrepparttar 151193 temptation to rest on your laurels and live inrepparttar 151194 past. Keep yourself moving forward inrepparttar 151195 Kingdom of God. Steadfastness has its rewards in time.

III. Thirdly, complacency comes when we lose focus. The object of our faith is Christ alone. Christ is our focus.

There are two ways to see something. I can see an object with my eyes. But, I can also see an object withrepparttar 151196 eyes of my spirit. One ofrepparttar 151197 greatest gifts God has given man is to visualize something internally. I can’t see Jesus with my physical eyes. But, I can seerepparttar 151198 Bible. I can readrepparttar 151199 Bible. And as I readrepparttar 151200 Bible, I begin to visualize internally what Jesus is like. In fact,repparttar 151201 Holy Spirit is sent for this very purpose—to help us maintain our focus on Christ. As our focus is maintained, we become changed in to His likeness.

Many people today fall to complacency because they take their eyes offrepparttar 151202 Word of God. They simply lose focus. They place their focus on other “things.” Before long they become transformed byrepparttar 151203 “things of this world.” The “things of this world” become their focus and then their god. With your eyes on Jesus, you avoid misdirection in life. The best way to hit a bull’s-eye every time you throw a dart is to throw your dart at a blank target. Whereverrepparttar 151204 dart strikes, select that spot asrepparttar 151205 bull’s-eye and draw concentric circles around it.

Crazy, you say? No more absurd than an aimless person who stumbles into one day after another, setting today’s goal onrepparttar 151206 basis of yesterday’s deed. Wouldn’t you agree? A steadfast gaze uponrepparttar 151207 Master will direct you on a straight pathway.

With your eyes on Jesus, you can see what He’s up to. Isa. 45:11 tells us to ask God aboutrepparttar 151208 things to come. I can tell you this. Jesus is up to something big! In fact it wouldn’t surprise me if He’s no longer seated, but standing beforerepparttar 151209 Father and ready to carry out this order, “My Son, it’s time. Go and gather up your bride. I’m calling them home.”

Remember this point to safe-guard yourself against complacency: Stay focused onrepparttar 151210 Word. Stay in fellowship with your Christian brothers and sisters. Keep communicating withrepparttar 151211 Lord—pray without ceasing!

Concluding remarks: I have shared with yourepparttar 151212 danger of complacency. Be very cautious after great victories. To let down your guard and revel inrepparttar 151213 victory is to invite disaster. Stay alerted torepparttar 151214 advantage you have whenrepparttar 151215 enemy is onrepparttar 151216 run. Pursuerepparttar 151217 darkness, and crush it withrepparttar 151218 light of Jesus! Resistrepparttar 151219 temptation to live in your past accomplishments. Keep moving forward. And above all, keep your eyes on Jesus. Stay alerted to whatrepparttar 151220 Spirit of Grace is doing around you. Don’t missrepparttar 151221 move of God in this latter day.

What about you? Has complacency slipped into your relationship with God? Are you distant and needing a change? May I re-introduce you torepparttar 151222 solution? His name is Jesus. The Bible says that there is “no other name under heaven given among men whereby we must be saved.” The name Jesus is greater thanrepparttar 151223 name, complacency. Just as light overcomes darkness by driving it away, so doesrepparttar 151224 name Jesus when spoken with meaning fromrepparttar 151225 heart, overcomes and drives away allrepparttar 151226 uncertainty about your eternal future.

You see God has provided you an eternal home in Heaven, but you must ask Him for it. And when you call upon God’s Son to save you,repparttar 151227 Bible says that He will save you torepparttar 151228 uttermost. He will name you as one of His own. He will nurture you and care for you in your relationship with Him. And then one day, He will call for you and carry you home. I must say though, heaven is not a place forrepparttar 151229 complacent. It is not a place forrepparttar 151230 “lovers of this world.” Heaven is home to those only who love God, who want to serve God, and who can stand in His courts of praise forever and ever, rejoicing withrepparttar 151231 saints.

Only Jesus makes this happen. Call upon His name—JESUS.

Keeprepparttar 151232 faith. Stayrepparttar 151233 course. Jesus is coming soon.

Pastor T.

Pastor's a small church in Broken Arrow, OK. U.S. Navy veteran and retired police officer with the city of Tulsa. Father of three grown children and grandfather of two grandchildren--Brynn and London who rests with Jesus in heaven.

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