Questions For An Alchemist

Written by Robert Bruce Baird

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I am on many web communities as well as a contributor to places like where other people may go to get free content to put in their forums or on their web sties. It has led to interesting exposure in other places to be sure. I picked up an article on this site from a national journalist who tried to set up a psychic and expose a fraud. He was amazed and got more than he bargained for and later apologized torepparttar psychic. I doubt any ofrepparttar 122220 seventy papers or magazines he writes for picked up this true story. I put it on a few sites and many people said they knew psychics were frauds and they had never called one. I have not called a psychic hot line but I have had lots of psychics approach me and tell me things for reasons that will be fleshed out further in this book. Here is one of my responses to a person on an MSN community who pointed out that real psychics often do not charge.

ĎI have never charged. I tell people who want to pay, that they should passrepparttar 122221 blessings on to others in random acts of kindness, and it does not come from me.

There are many people who will not believe it is possible even when they see it for their own eyes. I have set up major tests for myself and I have delivered according to RIGHT THOUGHT (Which includes it being important to demonstrate to them that this isrepparttar 122222 nature of reality.). Here are a few examples:

1. Decreeing that I win a nationwide draw for a Mazda RX-7.

2. An afternoon delight for two in OKC for me and a friend. It was Sunday in a brown bag State andrepparttar 122223 call came via phone. (Never happens and was a real 'trip' that impacted him and his growth greatly.)

3. Affectingrepparttar 122224 wind and rain two separate nights one afterrepparttar 122225 other - mostly done by an adept I met.

4. An exorcism of a person already givenrepparttar 122226 Last Rites - attested by all medical people at St. Francis Hospital in Indy and for two years of prior study at McGill and Mayo Clinic, and a Monsignor.

5. A three month long Decree for my 'twin' attested by many at a bar in Lakewood California.

6. Saying that I would end up doing something 'fantastic' for a career to people and yet I had no proof it would occur or contact from my brother who was thousands of miles away. A tea leaf reader told my girlfriend about it during this time and I told my lady 'See I was rightí; and later I had to tell her not to join me (The stupidest thing as far as personal relationships I have ever done. I loved her more than any other since, but I was just twenty years old at that time and she had a job of some note and would have had to leave it.).

7. Healing that person of a problem with her liver that medical doctors were going to have to remove a third of her liver. While she was involved with me it cleared up and then it had to be operated on two years later.

There are many other such things, including what I am now doing.í

This book will hopefully have many questions from people onrepparttar 122227 web who are able to formulate some pretty ridiculous questions to sayrepparttar 122228 least. guest writer Monthly column in The ES Press Magazine e-mail

Focus, Your Body, and Your Physical Well-Being

Written by John Cali

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For this discussion, however, we want to slightly shift our focus a bit from that of earlier similar discussions weíve had with you.

We want to talk about vibrations and how your vibration influencesrepparttar Universeís response to you and what you ask for, or pray for, or however you put your desires out there.

By its own Law of Attraction,repparttar 122219 Universe must respond to your predominant vibration, your predominant focus.

If your focus and, therefore, your vibration, are positive--that is, centered on what you want in your life--the Universe will deliver to you what you want. And if your focus-vibration are mostly about what you donít want,repparttar 122220 Universe will deliver to you what you donít want.

Itís that simple.

So, to put this inrepparttar 122221 context of this discussion--your physical bodies, your physical well-being--you must focus onrepparttar 122222 state of health you wish to experience.

As John said, his healing experience was a minor one. But, as he also said,repparttar 122223 principle isrepparttar 122224 same in much more serious situations. Andrepparttar 122225 healing can be as fast, even in cases of so-called terminal illnesses. Those healings you usually call miracles.

It is no more complicated to create a complete healing of, say terminal cancer, than it is to createrepparttar 122226 healing of a painful ankle.

Friends, itís all a matter of focus and belief. Do you believe you can be healed? Do you believe you deserve to be healed? If you do, then you are already healed. Ask and you shall receive. It may not happen instantly. But it can.

And it doesnít really matter how long it takes--a minute or a year or more. All that matters is this: your bodyís natural state is that of perfect health. When you put outrepparttar 122227 intention to have your body in a state of perfect health, youíve startedrepparttar 122228 healing.

Andrepparttar 122229 healing must be accomplished unless you get inrepparttar 122230 way. The Universe and your body will marshal all their considerable resources to bring you and your body back to its natural state.

You are in control here. Your body andrepparttar 122231 Universe will do your bidding. Focus on perfect health and well-being, and they are yours.

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Since 1992, John Cali has been communicating with a spirit called Joseph. In one of his many physical lifetimes, this spirit was incarnated as the legendary Chief Joseph of the Nez Perce tribe in what is now Oregon.

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