Queen Shopper for a Day

Written by Joyce C. Lock

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The outside temperature registered to be 18 degrees. And, on top of that, if you haven't experiencedrepparttar Northern winds, you know nothing yet of cold. The inside of a refrigerator is warmer than here. What was I thinking?

Mustering allrepparttar 118095 common sense that remained within me, I maderepparttar 118096 conclusion it was time to put on my coat.

Being that it was only as far asrepparttar 118097 next corner andrepparttar 118098 fact that they carry some of my most favorite 'no brand name' junk food,repparttar 118099 next stop was Aldi's; where someone had left a cart inrepparttar 118100 parking lot. No doubt, they hadn't worn a coat, either.

So, I saved another 25 cents andrepparttar 118101 nice part is thatrepparttar 118102 cart was still warm! Therefore, it was with quick speed that I made it insiderepparttar 118103 store. (Awe, warmth! We should never be without it.)

Another shopper said, "This is much warmer than yesterday," and all she wore extra were gloves. Isn't that just like people, to rub it in?

As it worked out, I guessed and managed, and didn't spend more thanrepparttar 118104 unplanned cash in my billfold. And with that, now I know to only put half as much in your cart and you won't run out of money.

However, with my mad dash for sunshine (which was now gone 'only God knows where'), I had forgotten to bring grocery bags (or even to grab empty boxes inrepparttar 118105 store) and there was no way I was purchasing store bags and squander my savings; even if they are only 3 cents each.

Therefore, as you might have guessed, groceries were strewn, intorepparttar 118106 back seat ofrepparttar 118107 car,repparttar 118108 quickest way they would land. But hey, I gotrepparttar 118109 quarter out ofrepparttar 118110 cart before leaving. Sure, I had spent forty some dollars there. But, I came out a quarter richer. Now, you can't beat that. Though, I sure am glad they didn't require blood!

The next stop was to get gasoline, only because hubby said I needed to. If anyone had asked me, I'd rather have strolled intorepparttar 118111 garage on fumes.

And of course, this gas station just happened to be one of those with a nasty sign that says you actually have to remain outside ofrepparttar 118112 car untilrepparttar 118113 gas pump stops. The next time, I may just fill uprepparttar 118114 car whenrepparttar 118115 gas tank is almost full ~ as I wasrepparttar 118116 one shrunk behindrepparttar 118117 pump, hiding fromrepparttar 118118 wind. For real, I could have peed faster than this!

But, as they say, "All is well that ends well," and I finally made it home. However, byrepparttar 118119 time I got allrepparttar 118120 groceries drug from out ofrepparttar 118121 car, on both sides, I was beginning to have visions of grandeur.

The computer chair looked like such a cozy retreat, it was calling my name. Only, wouldn't you know, groceries still needed putting away. I declare, a woman's work is never done. I think I heard that somewhere before. But, as luck would have it, I, somehow, survived.

As forrepparttar 118122 rolls of Christmas wrapping paper still inrepparttar 118123 trunk, who cares?

The following day, I openedrepparttar 118124 trunk ofrepparttar 118125 car and showed hubby my great find; and got crowned Queen Shopper for a Day. He was so pleased atrepparttar 118126 savings that he took care of putting awayrepparttar 118127 rolls of paper.

It's a good thing that we actually have places to store these special finds. So, be forewarned, Wal-Mart, onrepparttar 118128 next sun shining day, I'll be headed your way!

Though, inrepparttar 118129 event you haven't guessed,repparttar 118130 moral of this story is ... even ifrepparttar 118131 sun is shining, as long as there is still snow onrepparttar 118132 ground, it's just a mirage.

2005 by Joyce C. Lock http://groups.yahoo.com/group/smilesharing/

Joyce C. Lock is a published author, poet, and columnist. In addition, she founded and maintains the e-mail ministries "Heavenly Inspirations" http://groups.yahoo.com/group/HeavenlyInspirations/ and "Share a Smile" http://groups.yahoo.com/group/smilesharing/. Joyce's writings encourage us in our relationship with God and each other.

A true roommate story-psyco surfer

Written by dan the roommate man

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A few days later, he showed up and was hanging out in a room downrepparttar hall, when someone called security, as we had been instructed to do should he return. From what I'm told ofrepparttar 118094 incident, he went out ontorepparttar 118095 balcony (4th floor) and threatened to jump whenrepparttar 118096 police arrived onrepparttar 118097 scene. After a tense confrontation, they charged him and were able to subdue him after he punched at least one officer. He was then carried - literally kicking and screaming - offrepparttar 118098 University's property and was taken into custody. He spent about a month or so in a mental facility in Israel before he was deported back to America.

When my roommate got back torepparttar 118099 apartment, he discovered that Jason had left us a final message. Using a razor, he had cut open his finger and painted a message in his own blood on our bathroom mirror ("you all lied to me, blah, blah, blah"), then tiedrepparttar 118100 bloody razor to a rose and left it onrepparttar 118101 kitchen table.

Now that is a roommate from hell.

Since 1989 i have helped 1000's of people find good rooms or roommates. Need help? Contact me at www.roommateexpress.com

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