Q association management software release 1.2 announced July 31, 2004

Written by gomembers, Inc.

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gomembers, Inc. gomembers is a leading provider of software solutions for membership, meetings and management of member-based organizations. gomembers' software and technology enable its customers to automate a number of enterprise resource planning, member relationship management, transaction processing and member-to-member communications functions in a single software platform with seamless inter-processing of data across all applications.

gomembers' membership, meeting, event planning and related solutions are used to improve operating efficiencies, enhance member services and enable interaction with and between members. Meeting and convention planning software products enable customers to coordinate virtually all ofrepparttar required functions for complete event management. All gomembers’ products are built usingrepparttar 133484 latest technology including Microsoft’s .NET framework.

gomembers sells its solutions through a direct sales force and provides a wide range of customizations, training and support service to their customers.


Benefits of DVR Players

Written by Randy McClure

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Another popular benefit of DVR players isrepparttar ability to treat TV programs just like a DVD movie. You can by-pass TV ads, you can replay a TV program scene, or just freezerepparttar 133483 screen. Studies show that many DVR owners still watch TV ads, but just bypass ads that are of no interest to them.

DVRs Are Great For Recording Security Surveillance Video.

DVR players are quickly becomingrepparttar 133484 most popular way to record and store surveillance video. A DVR player frees you from having to handle bulky video tapes and alsorepparttar 133485 digital images are of better quality than video. Businesses arerepparttar 133486 most avid users of DVR players for security surveillance recording. This is because DVR players practically make security surveillance hands-free with no changing out video tapes allrepparttar 133487 time.

Share and Display Digital Media on DVR Player With Home Network.

DVR players are a great way to share digital media between your home network and your TV. Most DVR players are easy to hook up to your home network as they use an USB cable which is fairly standard way to hook up to computers. With a DVR player hooked to your home network or home media center you can view digital photos and other digital media on your TV. If you have two DVRs on your home network or media center, you can share digital TV programs. Another great benefit of hooking up your DVR player to your home network is that you can remotely schedule your DVR player to record TV programs.

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