"Putz, Piddle & Procrastinate with Passion"

Written by Judith Tramayne-Barth

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Now what do you get if you putz, piddle and procrastinate to your heart's content?

==> Productivity

Every small step you take when you userepparttar three "P's" correctly has a cumulative effect onrepparttar 117781 Internet.

The article you putzed with is so good someone will notice and ask if they can use it in their ezine. Now several others will read it in their ezine and click over to your site.

Those people will email you and ask if you would like to share links. And, from their links even more people will come to your site and read your article and request it for their ezine. Just because you putzed with it before you put it on your site.

Piddling over a matter of months createdrepparttar 117782 site which so impressed your visitors, they want to share links with you.

While procrastinating gave you so much time to answer allrepparttar 117783 emails from both your putzing and piddling, you'll wish you had more hours inrepparttar 117784 day for your passion.

Judith Tramayne-Barth knows how to Putz, Piddle & Procrastinate to perfection and her "A Good Read Art & Book Club" reflects this passion. Visit http://www.agoodread.com to find out more.

Tollbooths On The Information Highway!

Written by Sonya Meyers

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Begin speaking with leaders in your particular industry and ask if they would be willing to participate in exchange for exposure on your site.

Talk With A Web Designer

Now isrepparttar time to begin discussingrepparttar 117780 idea for your website with a professional Web Designer. Takerepparttar 117781 time to locate a designer that hasrepparttar 117782 time to listen to your vision and will be sensitive to your needs. The designer can also help you purchase a domain name that will be appropriate for your website.

Getrepparttar 117783 Word Out.

Plan forrepparttar 117784 future of your online business. Although you are doing something near and dear to your heart don't treat it as fluff. Create a business plan and a marketing plan forrepparttar 117785 life of your online business and it will reward you with years of growth and stability. Statistics tell us that more than 50% of new businesses will fail withinrepparttar 117786 first five years. Online those numbers are even higher. However,repparttar 117787 good news is that nearly 87% of businesses that takerepparttar 117788 time to create a solid business and marketing plan succeed. So give you subscription websiterepparttar 117789 best chance for success by planning for it's future.

*** A subscription website is a combination of doing what you love and sharing your wealth of knowledge with those that will truly appreciate it. Now isrepparttar 117790 time to create a community that will allow you to live within your dreams and prosper beyond your imagination!

Sonya Meyers is CEO of the Subscription Website Publishers Association located at www.SWEPA.com. SWEPA offers it's members everything they need to run a dynamic and successful subscription website. Visit today.

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