Putting the Threat of Workplace Violence In Perspective...

Written by Felix P. Nater

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The risk of violence comes in a variety of different forms. Following September 11, 2001 threats escalated torepparttar use of potentially harmful chemical and biological agents, directed targets of violence, bomb threats and an increase in threats against businesses. The ASSE survey also revealed that 74% ofrepparttar 105870 750 respondents had not under-gone any formal risk assessment or management ofrepparttar 105871 potential for violence inrepparttar 105872 workplace. To keep it simple and for a later discussion, if you work in an electrical or gas plant you should knowrepparttar 105873 risks.

What Others Are Saying About Workplace Security...

The landscape of workplace security has changed following September 11, 2001 andrepparttar 105874 subsequent threats. Once relegated torepparttar 105875 back room of IT and facility management departments, corporate security issues have risen to such prominence overrepparttar 105876 past three years that security concerns now have truly become corporate concerns. Robert Hahn, VP, Strategy & Secure Mail for Pitney Bowes Management Services, asks, "how does one calculaterepparttar 105877 loss to a company if an office building is shut down for two to three days due to a false alarm?". For example, to clean buildings like inrepparttar 105878 case ofrepparttar 105879 two Anthrax infected Post Offices onrepparttar 105880 east coast required $150 million dollars and 30 months-time during whichrepparttar 105881 facilities were shut down to all butrepparttar 105882 clean up crews and law enforcement, said, Robert Hahn. The threat is real along with a host of other potential threats; Terrorist demands, Business discontinuance, Theft of sensitive data and intellectual property, malicious computer viruses and intranet attacks, Key personnel taken hostage, Travel security concerns and Sabotage by disgruntled employee.

In a July 2004 on-line survey conducted by Pitney Bowes, they askedrepparttar 105883 participants to define whatrepparttar 105884 term "security" meant to them. 89% ofrepparttar 105885 409 respondents viewed security in broad based terms: protecting company information, protecting business systems and competitive intelligence. Between 65 - 71% viewed security as issues of physical and people security and privacy of employee information. Only 31% believed that their security was connected to neighboring facilities, roads or telecommunication systems. The responses in this particular survey correspond torepparttar 105886 ASSE Survey wherein 44% or 335 ofrepparttar 105887 750 respondents said they had established or changed emergency response procedures. I can not reflecting on my age old adage that "Security is everyone's business and that an ounce of prevention is worth a pound in cure".

Felix P. Nater is the President of Nater Associates, Ltd. a security management consulting practice specializing in Workplace Violence Prevention, Workplace Security and Security Awareness.

Online Security while Traveling in the United States and Abroad

Written by Richard Rossbauer

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or it can be read online fromrepparttar link at http://www.firewalls-and-virus-protection.com/travel-interview.html

The interview ends with an invitation from Victor Pryles to use his free resources for travel articles and bargain trips.

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