Putting Sound on your Web Site - Part 1

Written by John Rickey

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Making MIDI Files A great idea for making MIDI onrepparttar web, is to userepparttar 134673 127 voices ofrepparttar 134674 Sound Blaster Live card as your sound card. The reason being is that you know that most people onrepparttar 134675 web will hear your MIDI inrepparttar 134676 same way you heard it when you made it. (Sound Blaster does have more than 127 voices built in that you can access but stick torepparttar 134677 127 voice mode.) If you use extra sound banks and have an expensive card that has over 127 sounds, most people onrepparttar 134678 web will not hearrepparttar 134679 extra sounds. One problem though withrepparttar 134680 127 voice sound card is that older computers with a 64 voice sound card will get a tinny gazzoo sound from your 127voice composition. But these 64 voice cards are now inrepparttar 134681 minority of visitors. Remember then to stick to 127 sounds when making MIDI forrepparttar 134682 web. Using repparttar 134683 Sound Blaster card is a good idea as most visitors will be using this card andrepparttar 134684 sampled sounds will berepparttar 134685 same ones that you heard when makingrepparttar 134686 MIDI. A common question is "Can an Mp3 or wave file be converted into a midi file. The answer is no. The file would need to be recomposed using midi software. Voices, singing lyrics can not be put onto midi.

John Rickey is an experienced MIDI arranger. He graduated from University of Toronto with a degree in music and has worked from studio recordings to Movies with his arranging. You can contact him at kingskid@netrover.com or visit his MIDI Design Site at http//www.scugog-net.com/room108/midi/container.html

Good web Design: External Links

Written by Richard Lowe

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Too few external links tends to make your site look small and uninviting. People enjoyrepparttar choices associated withrepparttar 134672 web, and a site which has no external links feels cramped and confining. It's kind of like being in a building without any windows. I believe it tends to create an atmosphere where people want to rush in, get what they want and leave, never to return.

The best sites present an external link here and another one there. Perhaps two or three well-picked references atrepparttar 134673 end of an article are appropriate. Also, sprinkling an appropriate link to well-written reference or two within an article is an excellent idea. These kinds of things can strengthen your writing and make it more powerful. For example, if you have written an article about asthma, including a few references (withinrepparttar 134674 text) to other pages which strengthen your arguments tends to make your own arguments stronger and more believable.

Normally I do not like popup windows. However, when linking to external sitesrepparttar 134675 best way to keep visitors from leaving is to simply pop up a new window anytime an external link is clicked. This allows your visitors to surfrepparttar 134676 external site to their hearts contend. When they are finished and closerepparttar 134677 window, your site is still up and waiting for them. Thus, I've found that popup windows are fine for external sites which present additional data - they are not okay for advertisements or promotional materials.

One annoyance that I've found in some sites is affiliate links which are camouflaged as links to valid external sites. I don't mind people making money onrepparttar 134678 internet, but please don't try and fool me into clicking on something so you can make a few pennies. Honest businesspeople tend to produce return customers - dishonesty might make a few pennies inrepparttar 134679 short term but will cause people to never return.

What do I mean by this? It's okay, say, to include a link torepparttar 134680 amazon.com page with a book related torepparttar 134681 subject as long as it is labeled as such. You might say, "The book 'blah blah' helped me overcome my asthma" with "blah blah" an affiliate link to amazon.com. Fromrepparttar 134682 text, people can expect that they will be presented with a way to orderrepparttar 134683 book. However, making that same link appear as a reference in your writing ("asthma is a disease which causes shortness of breath" with "asthma" hyperlinked with an affiliate link to a book, for example) is being slightly dishonest with your visitors. People click onrepparttar 134684 link expecting to get some information, and instead they find an order form ... this tends to cause them to (a) not buyrepparttar 134685 thing, and (b) surf somewhere else. You are not delivering what you promised to deliver.

There are places on a web site in which masses of external links are not only necessary but desired. A links page is a perfect example of this practice. This isrepparttar 134686 concept of including a list of several dozen related links on one or more pages. The only purpose ofrepparttar 134687 pages is to link to sites with related subjects.

Other good examples include free-for-all links pages, link exchange pages and portal pages. As long asrepparttar 134688 links are related in some way torepparttar 134689 subject matter of your site, you will be adding value for your visitors and thus encouraging them to return inrepparttar 134690 future.

In summary, external links are very important to creating a web site which encourages people to return again and again. However, you must be careful to ensure your links are well chosen and of subjects related to your site's subject - otherwise, you will be giving your visitors excuses to leave without returning.

Richard Lowe Jr. is the webmaster of Internet Tips And Secrets. This website includes over 1,000 free articles to improve your internet profits, enjoyment and knowledge. Web Site Address: http://www.internet-tips.net Weekly newsletter: http://www.internet-tips.net/joinlist.htm Daily Tips: mailto:internet-tips@GetResponse.com

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