Put Up Some Stop Signs

Written by Arleen M. Kaptur

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can’t even put up your “stop signs.” You’re definitely it. Only you can haltrepparttar super activity cycle and enjoy quiet moments and refreshing mini-vacations fromrepparttar 101897 world and all its splendor. You say you can’t find a moment’s peace, and that there are responsibilities. Then learn response-ability. There’s a big difference here. Response-ability is you being able to handle day to day traffic of family, friends, work and play. It isrepparttar 101898 capacity to controlrepparttar 101899 flow of traffic because you are in control. Constructing stop signs in your life, and enablingrepparttar 101900 cool waters of stepping back and stepping out ofrepparttar 101901 frenzy to ease your fevered brow and calmrepparttar 101902 tumultuous waters of your heart. It, in essence, means taking back control of your life. It is giving yourself permission to stop, look around, enjoyrepparttar 101903 scenery, listen torepparttar 101904 sound of nothing, and return torepparttar 101905 highway of existence a better person and one who has developedrepparttar 101906 innate ability to know when enough is enough. It is mastering response-ability.

So gather up your tools, and supplies and begin constructing those stop signs where and when you need them. You’rerepparttar 101907 manager,repparttar 101908 superintendent ofrepparttar 101909 road of your life. Use your authority to become aware and to stop before life pushes just a little too hard. Take your responsibilities and handle them with response-ability. You would be surprised how much easier traffic flows and those annoying minor mishaps just don’t happen as often and they don’t turn into major traffic jams. ENJOY! ©Arleen M. Kaptur 2002 July

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Written by Rhoberta Shaler

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If your friend wanted to accomplish something and s/he asked you for support, would you say, "You don't deserve to have it anyway!", "You'll never do it." or "Who are you kidding?"? Probably not, however, you may say things like that to yourself. What would it take to become your own best friend? What habits of thought would you have to replace? What self-talk would you have to change? I remind myself of this important phrase often: Never say anything about yourself--out loud or in your head--that you do not want to be true about you. Would you consider adopting that one for yourself? You'll find that it quickly improves your self-respect and your self-image.


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