Put Some Punch In Your Classified Ad

Written by Kevin Nunley

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When possible, include a quote from a past customer. People believe other customers before they believe you. It's human nature.

I knew a guy who built himself a fine retirement by marketing his self-published book with classified ads. He started out with an ad in one magazine. When he had made his money back, he put an ad in more magazines until you couldn't look through a newsstand without seeing his ad.

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How To Write The Perfect Classified Ad... and How To Use It To Make Sales

Written by Kevin Nunley

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3. Pay special attention to your ad's subject line. Use top marketing words like new, free, improved, save, and profit to get customer attention. Communicate your offer's most important benefit in three to five words. Headlines that mention big money or a free computer get clicked most.

4. The Internet still turns on free information. Pull people to your web site by offering a free report, analysis, insider tip, revelation, booklet, or e-book.

Once your ad has enticed people to get to your web site, they usually need a little bit of time to think about whether or not they want to purchase. This is where autoresponders come in.

Try putting an email box right belowrepparttar offer for your product or service. Place it just belowrepparttar 101089 button people need to click to order.

Your box should say "Would you like more information? Put your email address inrepparttar 101090 box and we will send it to you." Haverepparttar 101091 form trigger a three message autoresponder. Each message should tellrepparttar 101092 customer more about your offer,repparttar 101093 benefits it can bring them, and other helpful information.

This method works. We found almost half of those who asked for more information soon purchasedrepparttar 101094 product or service.

Only about 10% of us are true impulse buyers. Yet most web sites focus on gettingrepparttar 101095 visitor to buy, now. Onrepparttar 101096 contrary, most people need time to consider a purchase before they will enter their credit card information.

A brief series of autoresponder messages arriving one each day is a terrific way to keep prospects interested and thinking about you.

Include links to your site and torepparttar 101097 specific page that featurerepparttar 101098 offer. In most email programs, putting http:// before your URL turns it into a live link customers can click.

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