Put Away That Fishing Pole And Haul Out The Net

Written by John Colanzi

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You're likerepparttar old miners panning for gold. You'll sift through a lot of silt before you start hitting those rare nuggets that are inspired enough to do what it takes to succeed.

Once you find them, work with them as if your future depended on it.

It does!

A good affiliate or first level downline member is worth more them their weight in gold.

You future profits depend on them. Teach them how to use their net and you'll both be rewarded.

If you truly want to succeed with affiliate programs or MLM, put that fishing pole away and haul outrepparttar 122558 net.

You'll be glad you did.

Gone Fishing, John Colanzi Street Smart Marketing

John publishes the "Street Smart Marketing" newsletter. To subscribe mailto:streetsmart@rapidreply.net If you'd like to see how John uses this strategy to make money visit: http://mydtmm.com/5979

Believe yourself! Trust Yourself! Never give up on your dreams!

Written by Charity Adams

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Now, while I was in that beautiful country, I continued to berepparttar committed person that I am and I was always doing things that would continue my personal growth andrepparttar 122557 growth of my business. What did I do? I prospected, I continued self-development by reading personal growth and development books and listened to tapes, and I wrote in my journal about my dreams, feelings, and experiences. So I actually didrepparttar 122558 same things that I do when I'm in my hometown, I just did them while vacationing in Cabo San Lucas and under very relaxed conditions.

I continually fill my mind with information to assist me in developing as a person, and I do that each day. It doesn't matter whether I'm in Maine, California, Mexico or anyplace in-between, I can do those things and grow personally anywhere.

Feed your mind with empowering information everyday. Believe in yourself. Have a plan and know what it is that you're going to do daily in your Network Marketing business to bring yourepparttar 122559 success of your dreams. Then, do it! Follow through and createrepparttar 122560 life you desire.

I've had many people tell me how fortunate I am. That it must be great to be where I am in personal growth and with my business. What they don't know is that I have a personal story that is filled with lots of disappointment. I had to learn just like everybody else. My persistence, determination, and belief in myself got me torepparttar 122561 place where I am right now and I'm continuing to grow and evolve. I have huge dreams and goals that I've not yet achieved, but I know I will. I'm takingrepparttar 122562 steps toward achievement everyday.

Develop a belief in yourself, a Never-Give-Up attitude andrepparttar 122563 results will far surpass anything you or I can imagination. Personal growth and development isrepparttar 122564 foundation of positive change and it all begins with YOU.

Fran Russell has assisted many to break their self-limiting beliefs so that they can achieve their desired life. Fran is currently teaching her proclaimed personal development courses at http://ybluniversity.com

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