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Written by Ronni Rhodes

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·Keeprepparttar camera steady! Putrepparttar 124136 camera on a tripod or brace it against something solid like a table or a wall. If you must pan or zoom, do it very slowly. (Too much motion can cause a “blurry” stream.) ·Simplify your frame. Think about where everything is going to be. People coming in and out ofrepparttar 124137 frame can create movement that may cause confusion. ·Stay focused. A lot of auto-focus cameras can’t focus properly if you are too close to your subject. Five or six feet away is a good distance. Don’t try to shoot through a window;repparttar 124138 camera will focus onrepparttar 124139 glass. ·Good lighting is essential. Try to light your scene fromrepparttar 124140 front. Don’t stand in front of a window;repparttar 124141 backlighting will cause you to be in silhouette. Try shooting outside if possible. ·Userepparttar 124142 fastest record speed. This will insurerepparttar 124143 best video quality. ·Record in a quiet place. Holdrepparttar 124144 mike close to your mouth to cut down on external noises. ·RELAX AND ENJOY YOURSELF! It really shows. Practice until you feel comfortable.

If you have additional questions or concerns, your streaming vendor should be ready and able to assist you.

Early adopters of Rich Media techniques, streaming being one of them, have already started to reaprepparttar 124145 rewards of higher click-through rates and increased conversion rates. If your message is meaningful and relevant to your site visitors, your streaming presentation will add to their enjoyment of visiting your site and encourage them not only to buy but also to return and buy again!

Ronni Rhodes is the owner of WBC Imaging, an Internet company that specializes in web site enhancement utilizing streaming media technology. With her husband, Don, a digital media engineer, they work with companies to incorporate streaming as part of successful and meaningful sales and marketing programs.

Please direct all questions and comments to: Ronni@wbcimaging.com 520-742-5780 http://www.wbcimaging.com

GERMAN TV on Time Warner Cable in New York City

Written by German News

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GERMAN TV will be available as a premium channel on Time Warner Cable, Channel 519, for a monthly fee of $9.95.

As a welcoming bonus, anyone signing up before December 31, 2004 will receiverepparttar first months’ subscription for free.

Customers wishing to subscribe may call Time Warner Cable directly at 1.800.OKCable.

Presently, GERMAN TV can be seen via select cable and satellite providers inrepparttar 124135 USA, Chile and Mexico. In addition, negotiations with major cable and satellite providers are under way in Canada.

Viewers interested in receiving further programming and subscription information may call 1-877 GERMAN TV or visit www.german.tv.

published by www.germannews.com

Gerd Bruckner editor of www.germannews.com

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