Put A Friendly Face On Your Sales Proposition

Written by Grady Smith

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So how can you make your online experience like that ofrepparttar hardware store?

While a picture creates an image, it’s very two dimensional. We need to fill it out a little with flesh and bone.

In your sales letter, incorporate anecdotes that you might share with a friend or customer that came into your store. Imagine yourself behindrepparttar 127475 counter selling your product. What would you say to make small conversation?

You might share with some of your dreams. Of course, I’d probably give some anecdotal information that relates to my product. An example is sharing on a personal level how I developedrepparttar 127476 product, how it has helped others, etc.

Sharing personal dreams and experiences with a potential customer endears them to you. It makes them feel comfortable to hear that you haverepparttar 127477 same fears, dreams, and desires as they do. And it creates a real person that they feel they can trust with their money.

Add a friendly face to your sales page, and watch your sales explode and your customers turn into friends.

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The Secret Of Hitting People’s Buying Trigger!

Written by Grady Smith

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3) You’ve Got To Create A Mental Picture

Can you tell me how life will be different after I purchase your product. Can you make it descriptive and excite me?

Which of these works better at exciting you?

“Picture working from home with no boss, no deadlines, and great money”!


“Imagine walking in my shoes…..working from a laptop from anywhere I like in my motor home. No one to tell me I have to go to work when I don’t feel up to it. A couple of hours of simple, pleasing work that I really enjoy and tons of free time. The option to stay up late, watch game 7 ofrepparttar world series, and then sleeping in until whenever. That’srepparttar 127474 true freedom of working from home”!

Which excites you more?

Learn how to pull your prospects trigger by putting yourself in their shoes. Done right, it’srepparttar 127475 most effective sales tool you’ll ever find.

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