Pumping Up The Emotional Side Of Gizmos, Widgets And Powdered Eggs.

Written by Walter Burek

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Start From The Other End. All advertising must start with a strategy. But, too often, we build our strategies onrepparttar what. With too little consideration of potential emotional appeals. And too much focus onrepparttar 108171 specific product differences and benefits, no matter how small these differences might be. We get locked into saying something instead of communicating something. It would be better if we spent more time trying to understand how people might userepparttar 108172 product in their lives. And trying to judge its emotional importance and appeal. Which means that, sometimes, you may want to start atrepparttar 108173 other end. By first coming up with a great attention-getting idea -- that you can then fit intorepparttar 108174 framework ofrepparttar 108175 strategy.

Don't Go Too Far. Don't getrepparttar 108176 wrong idea. The rational appeal of your advertising is important, too. Especially when you have something significant to say. But even when you don't. Becauserepparttar 108177 rational element is what people use to justify their emotional decisions. Nobody will ever say, "I bought their product becauserepparttar 108178 photos in their brochure were beautiful," or "I gave themrepparttar 108179 business becauserepparttar 108180 copy on their Web site gave me a chuckle." Even though stuff like this may have affected them, they still need a rational reason. So, you better give them one.

Rely On Your Own Feelings. If you put anything on paper without emotion, it should be because you're in search of it. You have to start with emotion, if you want to end with it. Remember,repparttar 108181 whole idea here is to share your feelings (andrepparttar 108182 intensity of them) -- about a company and its product or services -- withrepparttar 108183 people onrepparttar 108184 other side of that page or screen. It means forging those feelings intorepparttar 108185 shape of ads, brochures, Web pages, postcards and matchbook covers for all ofrepparttar 108186 rest ofrepparttar 108187 world to feel. And just think about it! Every time a person will reach for a product, it's because you have reached them inside. And given them a feeling for it. Which makes for a pretty good feeling in itself. ----------------------------------------•-------------------------------------- Walter is a professional advertising copywriter who writes, edits and publishes "Words @ Work", a FREE bimonthly newsletter of advice and information about writing that works. To view his award-winning portfolio and to subscribe visit www.walterburek.com. You may also subscribe to Words@Work via e-mail to: walter@walterburek.com


Walter Burek is an award-winning copywriter who learned his craft at some of the finest advertising agencies in the world and has been a writer and Creative Director on some of advertising’s most important accounts.

Currently, he offers freelance copywriting services through his company, WalterBurek.com.

Walter also writes, edits and publishes Words@Work, a free newsletter for marketing communications professionals.

3 Strange And Twisted Copywriting Tactics!

Written by Larry Dotson

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For example:

You're probably thinking this marketing book is like allrepparttar rest you've wasted your hard earned money on and you'll go on with your business losing sale after sale until your finally have to go out of business.

3. Give your prospects an image of two different paths they can take; one if they order your product and one if they don't.

For example:

Imagine yourself at an intersection and you clearly see two different roads on which you can turn on. One where you can chose not to buy our product and continue to have your problem or one where you can buy our product and eliminate your problem. Which road will you chose?

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