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Grooming: Pugs don't require much grooming with their short coats. The loose hairs can be removed with a rubber brush andrepparttar facial creases should have lotion applied to them every now and then.

Exercise: Pugs enjoy playing and roaming about and don't need too much exercise. Due to their short muzzles, their breathing can become somewhat restricted if over-exercised or kept in hot weather. Therefore light exercise is recommended and having a cool, shady area available during summer.

History: Pugs have evolved from Chinese Buddhist monasteries and were depicted on scrolls as far back as 400 BC. It is thought that they made their way to Europe (in particular to Holland) withrepparttar 147736 Turkish fleet in 1553 or withrepparttar 147737 Dutch ships inrepparttar 147738 China trade. Pugs became established in Holland and then later in Germany where they gotrepparttar 147739 name 'mops' (angry looking). In Italy they were known as a 'Carlin'. Duringrepparttar 147740 Napoleonic times it was a fashion statement to own a Pug.

Additional Comments: Most Pugs snore due to their short muzzles. The Pugs tail is made up of several small vertebrae that formsrepparttar 147741 final length ofrepparttar 147742 spine. The coiled tail is characteristic ofrepparttar 147743 Pug and forms a single or double spiral that is held tightly overrepparttar 147744 hip. The double curl is considered to be ideal.

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Pumpkin, The Halloween Cat

Written by Michael LaRocca

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In Taz's case, it also happened to be a male thing, andrepparttar only evidence he's ever given that he's an adult. He still looks and acts and vocalizes like a kitten, no doubt because his "mother" was a dog.

But Pumpkin never threatened back. He ignoredrepparttar 147735 hissing and moved away fromrepparttar 147736 attacks. Given his lack of aggression, I decided to just let him stay inside, Siamese be damned.

A month or so later, something strange happened. Taz started lying beside Pumpkin instead of lying beside Witchie. Oh, Witchie's face showed her outrage. Taz showed nothing but guilt. After a time, Taz started playing with Pumpkin. They became best buddies. I don't believe Taz was ever forgiven for that. Witchie can hold a grudge for years. She still hasn't forgiven me for bringing home uncivilized Bebe. (Half dachshund, half doberman, all moron.)

Once or twice, Taz and Pumpkin slept side by side on my chest betweenrepparttar 147737 two dogs. My sons wererepparttar 147738 same size, since Taz wasrepparttar 147739 runt ofrepparttar 147740 litter and Pumpkin was probably underfed as a baby. Before learning to hunt, of course.

I didn't show himrepparttar 147741 litter box, byrepparttar 147742 way. He found it himself. If he clawed something he wasn't supposed to, I scolded him once, verbally, and he never did it again. Again,repparttar 147743 gratitude thing. "Show merepparttar 147744 rules and I'll follow them; I'm just happy to be here."

Daddy had a problem with rats in his barn, so I told him he could borrow Pumpkin as long as he didn't shoot him. (Daddy doesn't like cats.) Nobody fed Pumpkin while he lived inrepparttar 147745 barn, but every time I went to visit, he was lying onrepparttar 147746 floor with a swollen belly. I took him home a week later, because he was going stir-crazy without human contact. Meanwhile, Daddy had no more rats.

Before I leftrepparttar 147747 barn, I held Pumpkin up to to my horse's face. He sniffed and sniffed, quite fascinated. Thenrepparttar 147748 head moved, and he realized that big thing was alive. It scaredrepparttar 147749 hell out of him. I rushed him home. He always loved riding inrepparttar 147750 truck. A day with Taz andrepparttar 147751 dogs, and he was restored to his good old Pumpkin self.

I think I had Pumpkin for a year. In a manner of speaking, as no one truly owns a cat, especially not an independent fellow like Pumpkin.

Pumpkin vanished for a few days, then came home looking skinny and with a stomach swollen as if he'd swallowed a tennis ball. A trip torepparttar 147752 vet confirmedrepparttar 147753 worst -- intestinal blockage -- and I maderepparttar 147754 hard decision. I borrowed Daddy's rifle and ended his pain myself. It was a sad day.

For several weeks after that, Taz kept looking atrepparttar 147755 door, waiting for his best friend Pumpkin to come inside. Finally I adopted another male fromrepparttar 147756 Humane Society, but that's another story.

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