Publishing Your First E-Mail Newsletter

Written by Joanne Glasspoole

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Although HTML newsletters are becoming more and more popular, I still opt forrepparttar good, old-fashioned text format. If you want to offer HTML newsletters to your subscribers, that's cool. Give themrepparttar 124358 option. But if they're using an older e-mail client that doesn't support HTML, you might as well delete your message before you send it, because they won't be able to read it.

I recommend formatting your e-mail newsletter as a text file. Do not use word processing functions, such as bullets, bold face and italics, becauserepparttar 124359 formatting is lost if your reader's e-mail software doesn't support rich text.

Instead of MS Word, I use a text editor called NoteTab Light to format my E-zine. It's a free download and works great because you can set your margins to 65 characters (or whatever you choose) and NoteTab Light doesrepparttar 124360 line breaks for you with a few keystrokes.

To download NoteTab Light, visit,10615,24530,00.html

NoteTab Light is highly customizable. To change your user settings, click on View > Options >. Take a look at all ofrepparttar 124361 settings and configure to your liking. To configurerepparttar 124362 column wrap, go to Documents, check "Wrap to Column" and put 65 inrepparttar 124363 box. Then when you close out of there, click Document > Update Column Wrap, and, poof, your document will be correctly formatted at 65 character per line. (Note: You may need to make minor revisions to your layout, but it's easier than retyping.)

Once you have a format that meets your specifications, I recommend that you set up a template to use in NoteTab Light for future issues. It'll make your job much easier and quicker. I use templates for everything, including my e-mail newsletters.

For more information about e-publishing, visitrepparttar 124364 following resources onrepparttar 124365 Web:

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Building Your Ezine Subscriber Base and Selling Ad Space

Written by Merle

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After writing your own articles syndicate them

Then submit your articles to:

If you don't mind paying for opt in subscribers you can pay a small fee for them at....World Wide Lists or try Marty Foley's List Builder Service at I've used both ofrepparttar above services extensively and they're truly remarkable for growing your list quickly. These are opt in list builders, not Spam techniques. Make sure you knowrepparttar 124357 difference.

If you're interested in a great free e-book that will teach you how to grow your list download "Ezine List Builder" it's in PDF format.

or try this one...not free but worthrepparttar 124358 money:

"WebSite and Ezine Promotion Made Easy"

Once you reach a minimum of 1,000 subscribers you'll be able to start selling text ads. Do not include too many ads in your newsletter or you'll lose a lot of subscribers before you even get started. You need to make sure you're including useful content and not just a billboard of ads, or your subscribers will be reaching for that unsubscribe button in a hurry.It's really a balancing act, good content with a few ads mixed in.

If you can it's a smart move to start collecting demographics fromrepparttar 124359 very beginning. This will give you an idea as torepparttar 124360 types of people that subscribe to your ezine and will be helpful to ad buyers who will want to know what "target market" your ezine hits. If you set up a short form askingrepparttar 124361 basics like "sex", "age", and "occupation" and ask new subscribers to fill it in upon subscribing you'll be amazed at how easy it is to actually collect this type of information.

A few sites that will help you to sell your available space: (must have 5,000 subscribers)

Publishing an ezine isrepparttar 124362 most important tool you can have when it comes to promoting your website. An opt in list of people who want to hear from you on a regular basis is priceless andrepparttar 124363 actual process of writing your own ezine and connecting with people is an inspiring experience in itself. It's a genuine way of building a sense of community around your site and openingrepparttar 124364 lines of communication between yourself and potential clients.

Don't let this marketing tool pass you followingrepparttar 124365 steps in this three part series you'll be well on your way to publishing an ezine that will pay you back in more ways than you can imagine- and that's an online marketing tool fact.

So what are you waiting for? Get busy!

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