Publish or Perish

Written by Bob Osgoodby

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If you wish to reachrepparttar higher levels however, you must approach your online venture like every other business, and devote your full time and energy to it.

The collection of email address, from "freebies" however, is a valid method of building a data base. But if you do, remember that there will be undeliverables as time passes. Some ISP's servers will automatically go into a "self protect" mode and shut you down ifrepparttar 124344 bounces reach a certain level. For that reason, you must have an emailing package that automatically removes bad email addresses from your database.

It is simply too much work to attempt to do this manually. Your standard email packages, in addition to having a limit onrepparttar 124345 number of emails that can be sent at one time, don't haverepparttar 124346 ability to automatically remove bounces fromrepparttar 124347 database.

Once your mailing list exceeds a thousand or so subscribers, if you are sending out a newsletter or bulk "opt-in" email, your best bet is to use a commercial List Server. To prevent spamming, many ofrepparttar 124348 List Servers however, use a "double opt in" procedure that requiresrepparttar 124349 potential subscriber to verify their subscription request.

If you publish more than one, they makerepparttar 124350 prospect "jump through hoops" to become subscribed to each one, and many people simply won't do it. We use Topica", and they requirerepparttar 124351 "double opt in" procedure. We found that a very small percentage of people requesting to be subscribed, actually wound up doing so.

To counteract this, we designed a web page that potential subscribers could simply selectrepparttar 124352 publication(s) they wished. This is sent directly to "Topica", and subscribers are sent one confirmation that will add them to multiple lists. Since implementing this, we found thatrepparttar 124353 rate of subscribes is right back where it should be.

If anyone would like to use this form, you can see it at: - feel free to use this for your publication, changing of course, our information to yours.

For smaller lists, consider a software package such as "Aureate" which resides on your computer, and allows you to automatically manage your bounces and unsubscribes.

If you do decide to followrepparttar 124354 publishing route in an attempt to build your business, it can be done. If you do itrepparttar 124355 right way, perhapsrepparttar 124356 concept of "Publish or Perish" does make some sense.

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How to Successfully Market With Safelists

Written by Herman Drost

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This is just a general list of safelist features, however each safelist has its own unique features and benefits.

How to Use Safelists Effectively Choose a targeted list if you are targeting Internet Marketers, then don't subscribe to lists that are contain home owners. The more focusedrepparttar list,repparttar 124343 better your chances of success.

Use a benefit-laden headline in your ad if you don't capture repparttar 124344 attention of users inrepparttar 124345 brief second they see your headline, they will pass you by.

Use a follow-up strategy direct customers from your ad to your web site or your sequential autoresponder. It often takes up to 7 times for users to see your ad before they respond to your offer. Instead of losing them afterrepparttar 124346 first message, allow them to see another sample of your offer by following up on them every few days. This will increase your chances of makingrepparttar 124347 sale.

Tracking and Testing trackrepparttar 124348 responses to your ads to know exactly which one works and which does not. You can then test which headline pullsrepparttar 124349 best. After a one-month subscription, you will have some idea ifrepparttar 124350 safelist is worth staying with. If it isn't, unsubscribe!

If you are getting a good response fromrepparttar 124351 free lists, then payrepparttar 124352 monthly subscription fee, so you can send your ad more often. You will also benefit from allrepparttar 124353 features they provide.

Use several safe lists subscribe as a free member to several paid lists. Test which safelist pullsrepparttar 124354 best response. Paid safe lists are of higher quality thanrepparttar 124355 ones that are free (no paid subscriptions). As a free member you can often send your ad once a week to all members. Ifrepparttar 124356 response is great, pay your subscription and send your ad more often.

Utilizing Opt-in safelists is one strategy in your marketing arsenal that will quickly determine if your ad will be successful. Now explode your sales by implementing an email marketing campaign.

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