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Written by Sid John

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Bloggers are not shy about linking and almost everyone will link back to you just for asking. This is especially true of bloggers who write aboutrepparttar same topics that you cover on your blogs or main website. In addition, your content will be syndicated to people all overrepparttar 147565 internet and this will dramatically increaserepparttar 147566 amount of users coming to your blog and your website.

4. Create quick content

All ofrepparttar 147567 blogging services have some kind of comment system for you to allow user to post replies, comments, suggestions and question on your site. This is a really quick way to create extra content on your site. Over time, all ofrepparttar 147568 postings will add up to massive amounts of new content. You can even userepparttar 147569 ftp settings on a service like Blogger to put allrepparttar 147570 postings back on your main website.

5. Add affiliate links

You can add affiliate links and google Adsense torepparttar 147571 free blogging services. This is a really cool way to make extra revenue from your efforts.

Checkrepparttar 147572 documentation on each blogging service to see what type of advertising is allowed and how you can add them to your blog template. Now you can raise your site profile, get more traffic and make some money off your efforts.

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Articles wrapping guide.

Written by Dušan Drobac

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That is also a good place to add your affiliate links or links to your own products. Adding your content this way you will personalize pre-written article butrepparttar article will be left unchanged. The best practice is to add 10% more content to intro and also 10% more content to summary of article. This way you will have unique article without changing a one little bit of original pre-written article picked from article directory. After that you just need some inbound links and some time for search engines to find and index your pages article pages and everything else is on auto pilot.

Dušan Drobac is developer of FastContent tool. FastContent is website content generation tool. Using articles from it creates content rich web pages suitable for contextual advertising or affiliate promotion. Check FastContent at

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