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Written by Jonathan R Taylor

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I’m currently reading a book a friend recommended entitled Conversations with Millionaires. In it,repparttar authors Mike Litman and Jason Oman interview several millionaires to find out their wealth producing secrets. Here’srepparttar 139723 interesting part: The whole book was originally recorded onrepparttar 139724 Mike Litman radio show. The show was then transcribed to book format and has become an international bestseller since!

Everyone has an idea or story that could be published. The challenge is learning to market your story.

I spoke with Dan Miller recently and he reported his trip torepparttar 139725 annual Mega Book Marketing University seminar in California proved to be very beneficial. The seminar is designed to help those who are interested in publishing information, market their books. Anyone who is interested can get this year’s audio of The 2005 Mega Book Marketing University at a fraction of what it cost to attendrepparttar 139726 actual event.

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Leadership Coaching – “Easier Said Than Done”

Written by Steven J. Stowell, Ph.D.

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We hope you are not confused byrepparttar term “steps.” Think of it as a process that contains certain elements or skills and don’t look at coaching as a rigid, formal process. In one study, we discovered that Managers were three times more likely to userepparttar 139696 Eight Step Coaching Model in spontaneous and informal applications than in planned, formal, more lengthy discussions. When you are in a formal situation, we suggest you plan ahead, reviewrepparttar 139697 Model, and prepare yourself in advance. When a coaching moment emerges informally or unexpectedly, we suggest you pick and chooserepparttar 139698 skills or steps that you want to bring out at that moment. Remember coaching is a process, so follow up and fill in any gaps that are created when you are coaching informally or “onrepparttar 139699 spot.”

Coaching is a vital part of a DM’s job. We get results throughrepparttar 139700 efforts of our Representatives. The most non-supportive thing we can do to a Representative is to “not coach.” Effective leadership coaching will lead to a healthy relationship with your Representative. A recent study indicated that a key reason why people leave companies is because of a poor relationship with their Supervisor. We need to retain our quality people in order to be competitive overrepparttar 139701 long-term.

Steven J. Stowell, Ph.D., is the Co-Founder of the Center For Management and Organization Effectiveness, Inc.

If you would like to learn more about leadership coaching or other CMOE management training programs, please contact a Regional Manager at (801)569-3444.

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