Publicity: Nailing an Media Interview, Part II (Crisis Management)

Written by Ned Steele

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I have seen countless examples of this. Remember Watergate? Very often,repparttar fib starts out early, as an insignificant story. But it tends to get magnified a little downrepparttar 144759 road and pretty soon, a minor embarrassment turns into a major fiasco. Eventually, it'srepparttar 144760 lie that becomesrepparttar 144761 story, notrepparttar 144762 original story itself.

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Unique Gift Items - 3 Creative Ideas

Written by Cindy Carrera

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Umbrellas You will be graciously thanked for saving a hairstyle and new blouse when one of your clients remembers thatrepparttar umbrella you gave her is under your seat. This is one item that is sure to saverepparttar 144758 day, as well as keep your logo literally in front of dozens or hundreds of people- depending on whererepparttar 144759 user is walking! Or perhaps one of your clients will keep it in his golf bag, and if it rains while onrepparttar 144760 course, other golfers will get a peak at your message as well. Some promotional items fair well just sitting somewhere, but an umbrella is something that can be used for years to come. I once got an umbrella for signing up for a newspaper subscription- and this was one of those nice big golf umbrellas- and I still have it! (It hadrepparttar 144761 paper's name and comic strip characters all over it.) Umbrellas fan out to be pretty big, which means ample space to display your logo and message! There are mini-fold up umbrellas up to larger golf umbrellas. (And, there are even hat umbrellas!) An umbrella is also a form of protection, so companies with a protection-theme (insurance, security, healthcare, etc.) could get extra mileage out of this.

These are just three unique ideas that maybe you never thought of. There are many more creative ideas out there to make your promotional item be effective and stand out fromrepparttar 144762 rest!

Cindy Carrera is a freelance author who's written numerous articles about PR including: business promotional items, custom promotional products and wholesale promotional items.

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