Publicity: Nailing an Media Interview, Part I

Written by Ned Steele

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Sure, you can become a reporter’s friend by steering them to new resources, trends, and information. But don’t feel obligated to point out all opposing points of view, or to lead them to those who may dispute you. Who needs that?

Remember…. becoming buddies withrepparttar press is a good thing – but our ultimate goal is to attract prospects and clients.

To avoid these pitfalls, practice your answers torepparttar 145523 questions you expect beforerepparttar 145524 interview. Whether it’s on- or off-camera, your interview has no “do-overs.” So make your mistakes while practicing for it.

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Making the Intangible Real

Written by Robert F. Abbott

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But for me, with my limited knowledge of software and reservoir simulation,repparttar glasses wererepparttar 145522 thing. They transformed an idea into reality; well, virtual reality at least.

If they choose to do so, they can userepparttar 145523 glasses to bridgerepparttar 145524 divide between tangibility and intangibility. Obviously, they can't print or displayrepparttar 145525 views, as they do with other visualization software, but they can showrepparttar 145526 glasses.

For those of us old enough to rememberrepparttar 145527 3-D movies ofrepparttar 145528 1950s,repparttar 145529 connection jumps out at us (literally and figuratively). Or, you may recallrepparttar 145530 video game goggles that appeared at various times inrepparttar 145531 past decade. Whatever our experience,repparttar 145532 glasses should trigger curiosity aboutrepparttar 145533 altered reality we find by wearing them.

In this case,repparttar 145534 glasses become a proxy forrepparttar 145535 software program. The glasses aren'trepparttar 145536 program, but they convey its essence quickly and effectively. It allows prospective customers or clients to grasprepparttar 145537 significance of an intangible product.

So, real products can help us effectively communicaterepparttar 145538 essence of an intangible experience. Next time you're browsing through a department store or mall, look atrepparttar 145539 products on display through new eyes. Look at them as prospective tools for demonstratingrepparttar 145540 essence of your intangible product or service.

In summary, one thing can be a proxy for another thing, allowing us to conveyrepparttar 145541 essence of an intangible through something others can touch or see.

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