Public Relations—A Free Lunch?

Written by Claire Cunningham

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CASE HISTORIES These can highlight your company's problem solving abilities. And well-written case histories are in demand -- by readers and editors alike. You can work with a single publication to place a case history or broadcast it to many publications.

TECHNICAL FEATURES Getting a technical article placed inrepparttar right publication can enhance credibility quickly. To be successful this tactic must be backed with careful research and planning to ensurerepparttar 107931 topic is timely. Usually you’ll work with a single publication to place a feature.

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There are ways to stretch your budget and marketing public relations (PR) is one of them.

Instant Messaging – A Powerful Communication Tool for Your Business

Written by Cavyl Stewart

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If you use IM to communicate with your customers and prospective customers,repparttar right IM software will actually analyze these communications and help you develop a list of frequently asked questions. FAQ’s are great time savers and effective business tools.

And IM is not impersonal. Userepparttar 107930 audio and video chat features and have a true face to face conversation without leavingrepparttar 107931 office! Think ofrepparttar 107932 money you’ll save on traveling. Not only can you seerepparttar 107933 other party’s face, you can see other things such as new product designs and product demonstrations. If it’s viewable, it can be seen using video chat.

If your business requires you to place international phone calls, you can save money on your phone bill, too. Adjustrepparttar 107934 volume, record and playback, even use chat like you’re using a walkie-talkie sorepparttar 107935 other party hears onlyrepparttar 107936 parts ofrepparttar 107937 conversation that you choose. Pause, rewind and playback conversations, bookmark important points in your conversations, and search through past conversations by keyword or phrase.

Plus you can keep all of your contacts separated into categories yet contained in one easy to locate place. You can also have different contact lists under each of your various screen names.

And best of all, you can install IM software on your company network painlessly. Sharing files, communicating with co-workers, and knowing what’s going on in your office without leaving your desk is easy.

Trillian Pro connects to AIM, ICQ, MSN, Yahoo Messenger and IRC. And by using plug-ins, it can connect to many different services. Instant Messaging really is a valuable tool and one that will fit well into your business. Start chatting today!

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