Public -school teachers know best --- they send their kids to private schools

Written by Joel Turtel

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These statistics should be a warning signal for parents, a red flag waving briskly inrepparttar wind. If your children's teachers are sending their children to private schools, should you be keeping your kids in public school? Ifrepparttar 144865 soldier-teachers inrepparttar 144866 public-school trenches tell you that there is something very wrong with these schools, you should, for once, be listening to them.

Actions speak louder than words. The fact that so many public-school teachers send their kids to private schools should be allrepparttar 144867 proof you need that it might be wise for you to look for education alternatives for your kids elsewhere.

If you think you can't afford an expensive private school, you're happily mistaken. Joel Turtel's book, "Public School's, Public Menace" tells parents all about quality, low-cost Internet private schools. These private schools are a great new resource for giving your children an excellent education at an affordable price.

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Diamond Solitaire rings - The Ultimate In Engagement Rings

Written by Peter Leigh

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And why a solitaire ring? There are lots of beautiful rings with diamonds. Thousands of styles, a whole world of choices. Why choose a diamond solitaire ring?

Just because thatís what it is. A solitaire. You are gettingrepparttar biggest diamond for your money. One that stands out. One that people will admire.

There are some beautiful three stone diamond rings. Magnificent rings. But not solitaires. Three small diamonds just donít cut it like one large one.

Diamond engagement rings have a long and proud tradition. The giving a diamond engagement ring to a woman as a symbol of a promise to marry began in 1477 withrepparttar 144864 engagement of Archduke Maximillian of Austria and Mary of Burgundy. The Archduke selected a diamond engagement ring and his decision has been copied ever since.

It was even said then that cupids arrows were tipped with diamonds which imbuedrepparttar 144865 couple withrepparttar 144866 magic of love.

Diamond solitaire rings encapsulate that magic of love.

Diamond engagement rings have a symbolism from centuries past. They arerepparttar 144867 ultimate in engagement rings. And diamond solitaire rings arerepparttar 144868 ultimate in diamond engagement rings.

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