Psychology Sells

Written by Terry Telford

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Feelers These are emotional people, often making spur ofrepparttar moment purchases. By creatingrepparttar 127339 right mood and stirring repparttar 127340 right feelings, these people are motivated buyers. HOTBUTTONS: Positive reinforcement, vivid and picturesque copy

Benefiters Exactly like their title, benefiters want to know about repparttar 127341 benefits of what you are selling. You need to show these people how your product or service will help them reach their goals. HOTBUTTONS: Wants and needs focused copy

Sense of Priders These people respond to offers that give them a sense of pride, meaning and visualization. HOTBUTTONS: Strong symbols and positive images: vision, dreams, goals,repparttar 127342 big picture.

And there you haverepparttar 127343 six personality traits that we all share as human beings. Try to use as many ofrepparttar 127344 hot buttons as you can to increase your sales and profits exponentially.

To find out approximately what percentage of your market belongs to each category, try this simple test. Write six ads. Formulate each ad to appeal to a specific group of personality traits. Run each ad once in your regular advertising spots and trackrepparttar 127345 results of each ad. Try this approach with different publications. You'll be surprised, different publications appeal to different segments ofrepparttar 127346 personality trait scale.

Good luck with your marketing, have fun and I'll see you on repparttar 127347 beaches ofrepparttar 127348 world.

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3 Steps To Keeping A Customer For Life

Written by Noel Peebles

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Everybody likes to feel special. The surest way to make a hit with customers is to give themrepparttar red carpet treatment. Make a fuss; pamper them and give them your undivided attention. Ask about their families, their hobbies, their interests. Treat them as fascinating, unique individuals. Let them talk about themselves and their interests and you'll ensure their loyalty.

As you welcome customers, show understanding, and make them feel special fromrepparttar 127338 moment they walk inrepparttar 127339 door, you'll be successful every time.

What you're doing is establishing an emotional bond with your company, and that can be incredibly powerful. Customers will even overlook some negatives, like higher prices, if they likerepparttar 127340 feeling of doing business with you.

Onrepparttar 127341 other hand, a company that takes its customers for granted or treats them like account numbers won't generate any customer loyalty.

And when there's no loyalty, very soon there's no business.

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