Psychics canít believe the growth in their popularity

Written by Elspeth Newman

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"It's changing fast," says Jenny, a psychic reader forrepparttar Universal Psychic Guild,repparttar 122276 largest of its type inrepparttar 122277 world. "We used to just get calls from a small circle of people who knew what we did and relied upon it, now its completely different. We have thousands of callers calling from all sorts of backgrounds and many many more professional people who are using our services to plan everything in their lives from business decisions to findingrepparttar 122278 right partner. "We all knew thatrepparttar 122279 world was becoming more spiritual, but none of us expected it to change so fast and for psychics to become so popular. "I now have over 200 people I speak with on a weekly basis." You can speak to Jenny and other psychics by logging onto The Universal Psychic Guild.

Elspeth has been studying psychic and clairvoyant reders and other areas of spirituality for over 25 years and has an indepth knowledge of Metaphysics

'Bridging the Gap' - A Novel Review

Written by C. Bailey-Lloyd/Lady Camelot

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In conclusion - persons who are actively seeking solutions to personal growth, life fulfillment and understanding to metaphysical realms and their interrelation torepparttar Divine; Bridgingrepparttar 122275 Gap is a must-have book.

To learn more about Scott Christansen or his book, Bridgingrepparttar 122276 Gap go to Bridgingrepparttar 122277 Gap is also available at local bookstores.

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