Psychic Shielding: Shielding Others

Written by Dale Power

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Other things can be done with well developed shields as well. You can place shields around specific people, places that they frequent or even their automobiles. You can also select very specific information that will be allowed to pass through any of these fields. By selectingrepparttar data that can pass through, you are in effect, creating a filter for psychic information, when all other pieces of psychic information are quiet, it is far easier to pay attention to and understand what remains. So much so, that I highly recommend that you use such filters when you know that you are going to need only specific classes of data.

These steps are somewhat fluid and have room for alteration, so it will pay to experiment with them as you practice. Different forms of shielding will be right for different people. Make sure you have a good feeling for what is needed and be willing to mend any mistakes you might have made. Shielding is so benign in nature that you can freely try new things without fear of harming yourself or others, so have fun with it!

*Prepare yourself with a bit of meditation before starting. The deeper your brainwave state,repparttar 122114 more effective you will be.

*Gain a sense forrepparttar 122115 person, place or thing you are shielding. You will want to keep this contactrepparttar 122116 entire time you are working, so that you can make certain that you are leaving enough psychic space for them to work with comfortably.

*To establish a shield, use conceptual thought processes, think in ideas that is, definerepparttar 122117 space you wish to cover, solidifyrepparttar 122118 outer membrane ofrepparttar 122119 field to keep unwanted information out and define what information to exclude.

That’s all it takes. While I am giving suggestions for disciplined techniques, it really amounts to knowing what you want to happen and giving it time to happen.

*Hold this field stable until it takes little thought or will to maintain.

*Now thatrepparttar 122120 field is organized, you can make it self-sustaining by holdingrepparttar 122121 concept as you focus onrepparttar 122122 organized field. Hold for around fifteen minutes.

This will give you a good solid shield that will helprepparttar 122123 person without mentally choking them. If well organized it should last for around a week.

You can organize shields that will keep out any given information of an empathic, telepathic or psychic nature. By spending more time onrepparttar 122124 field and making it self-propagating you can even defend against psychokinetic tampering and psychic information gathering techniques that might slip past lesser shielding.

If you need help with your personal shielding please seerepparttar 122125 article “Empathic Shielding” by Dale Power. If you need help with external shielding on a temporary basis, I will be glad to assist you. Please followrepparttar 122126 link to my web-site for contact information.

Dale Power is a psychic healer, researcher and educator that has been focusing on ways to improve psychic functioning in humans for the last twenty years. Go to: to find out more about the work being done.

Warping Time: The Psychic How-To Guide

Written by Dale Power

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Also please note that this description is of a very simple field. At this point I have not testedrepparttar effects of self-sustaining and self-propagating fields in regards to time manipulation. I recommend that you go slowly with any research along this path, as it seems logical that a stronger field that does not release and continues to grow in power, and perhaps worse, in size, could be disruptive to many natural processes. I would also recommend that you do not attempt this in close proximity to a computer. Especially one without an internal power source! Think power surge.

Basic time bending technique.

*Find a calm place where you will not disrupt too many peoples lives with your project. No need to be an annoyance to your family or friends if you can help it, so make sure you move at least a good twenty feet from anyone else. Especially inrepparttar 122113 early stages, when you are more likely to have powerful, but unpredictable, results.

*Meditate. Go into as deep and clear a mental state as possible. When you feel very clear, begin.

*Holdrepparttar 122114 idea of time in a bubble around you. About five feet from your body in any direction. This will establishrepparttar 122115 spacerepparttar 122116 effect will mainly happen in. Expect some bleed over, as time, like many things easily manipulated by psychic power, seems to operate as if it were a field, which means that very distinct edges are hard to produce without great personal control. As this is likely a new skill, your focus will likely be on time itself, rather than onrepparttar 122117 space it inhabits. So establish this first, before you become distracted!

*Oncerepparttar 122118 space is comfortably fixed in your mind, holdrepparttar 122119 concept of time running faster or slower within this space. “Feel”repparttar 122120 level of change you wish. Don’t get caught up in countingrepparttar 122121 time focusing on a picture of time slowing down or speeding up. Your subconscious mind will become confused and give you inconsistent results if you do that. Focus instead onrepparttar 122122 raw concept of time. Without any words or pictures.

*Hold it for as long as you wish. As with most field generating projects, you will find thatrepparttar 122123 longer you maintainrepparttar 122124 concept, andrepparttar 122125 greaterrepparttar 122126 clarity of it,repparttar 122127 strongerrepparttar 122128 field of effect will be.

By stretchingrepparttar 122129 field out to cover a vehicle, you can create conditions which will cause you to get to your destination far faster, in external time. You still feelrepparttar 122130 time it takes to travelrepparttar 122131 distance and consumerepparttar 122132 normal amount of fuel or energy though. While it is also possible to reverse this effect and take far longer than one normally would as well, I cannot foresee a huge demand for this aspect of time bending. Not for personal use at any rate!

It is also possible to generate a time field around another person or object with relative ease. This may allow for testing of time bending effects with greater safety inrepparttar 122133 future, making it possible to checkrepparttar 122134 outcome of Self-sustaining and self-propagating fields on time. It also makes it possible to do such things as increaserepparttar 122135 apparent speed of growth in plants or animals, or slowrepparttar 122136 relative spoilage of food or drink.

This is an interesting effect, worthy of study and with interesting implications in regards torepparttar 122137 nature of time, space andrepparttar 122138 mind. Have fun with it and of course, be careful. We don’t needrepparttar 122139 entire planet pulled into an isolated bubble of time.

This article and other helpful information can be found at : Please feel free to use this or any other materials onrepparttar 122140 site as you wish. We only ask that you reproduce this article as a whole, includingrepparttar 122141 above link. Thank you.

Dale Power is a psychic healer, researcher and educator that has been focusing on ways to improve psychic functioning in humans for the last twenty years. Go to: to find out more about the work being done.

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