Psychic Self Defense in Real Life

Written by Dale Power

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3. Fear. You can create a great deal of fear in anyone seeking to do harm. Again targeting is key, and donít forget to controlrepparttar area of effect! Some situations, such as driving, can be very dangerous if those in other cars start to have panic attacks!

Second Technique: Precognitive Warning.

If you are not there they will have difficulty harming you. This is a semi-permanent filter designed to bring to your attention anything that might do you harm.

*Relax quiet your mind and enter a conceptual state of mind.

*This can be a little tricky, as you have to hold several concepts, at one time. Again you will wish this field to be self-sustaining as inrepparttar 122124 first technique. Generate a field around your mind, or in your mind, it makes little difference, that reflectsrepparttar 122125 raw concept that whenever you are in danger you will know about it and will also perceive whatrepparttar 122126 threat is. This works because you already have this information allrepparttar 122127 time anyway. What you are doing is just calling attention to it when you need it. Think of it as a set of instructions to your subconscious mind.

*Holdrepparttar 122128 concept in your mind until you feel it lock into place. As it is not externally active you will not have to make it as strong for it to be useful asrepparttar 122129 other techniques given here. A few minutes a day should work well to enough to keeprepparttar 122130 field sustained.

This is basically just focused intuition. The focusing process makes allrepparttar 122131 difference though, so make a point of establishing this type of filter each day.

Third Technique: Aversion Shielding

This is an active psychokinetic shield. A real honest to goodness physical shield, of a sort! When an object is coming towards you to do damage, This field will make it veer away from you missing, if it is at all possible. While I would not personally replace a bullet resistant vest or a flack-jacket with an aversion shield, I would certainly have one going full blast if a fire fight was about to start. As an active PK (a field designed to influence active systems) method it will have to be very strong to haverepparttar 122132 desired results. I recommend at least an hour be spent on generating and reinforcingrepparttar 122133 field properties.

*Relax, quiet your mind and enter a conceptual state.

*Now generate and hold a consistent and self-sustaining field, containingrepparttar 122134 properties of aversion for incoming objects from all directions at once, with a tight core of aversion around your body and a secondary level about ten feet from your body that will redirect objects before, they can reachrepparttar 122135 inner core shield. It is important to keep this dual field both conceptual and consistent for best results.

*Duringrepparttar 122136 last quarter of field generation, add intorepparttar 122137 processrepparttar 122138 idea ofrepparttar 122139 field growing in strength rapidly over time. If done wellrepparttar 122140 field will continue to grow in strength, but not size, even after you stop focusing on it.

This type of field is very advanced and may take a bit of work before it can be assembled properly. As it is self-sustaining and self-propagating it will become many times stronger than you could generate otherwise. Please be very clear about what you are doing. Mistakes will exaggerate asrepparttar 122141 field grows in power.

Self-defense is sometimes needful, but this does not give us license to harm others out of spite or anger. All of these techniques will help to protect you atrepparttar 122142 same time as not harming others. For them to work however, you will have to prepare before problems arise. Exactly as with all other forms of self-defense, diligence and discipline will pay well, if used.

This article and other helpful information can be found at : Please feel free to use this or any other materials onrepparttar 122143 site as you wish. We only ask that you reproduce this article as a whole, includingrepparttar 122144 above link. Thank you.

Dale Power is a psychic healer, researcher and educator that has been focusing on ways to improve psychic functioning in humans for the last twenty years. Go to: to find out more about the work being done.

Why Most People Don't Really Want to Heal (Part 1)

Written by Kevin B. Burk

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Many of us are familiar withrepparttar truth that our reality is nothing more than words. Our thoughts and beliefs define our experience of reality. Therefore, if we changerepparttar 122123 words, we changerepparttar 122124 world. We can, in fact, change our lives in an instant, simply by choosing to create more elegant and supportive thoughts. We can release any negative belief, eliminate any destructive pattern, and instantly experience repparttar 122125 levels of joy, love and prosperity that are our birthright.

The challenge is thatrepparttar 122126 ego does not understand this. And, more torepparttar 122127 point,repparttar 122128 ego has a vested interest in making sure that we do not change our thoughts, beliefs, patterns or behaviors. Moreover, whenever we do set an intention to change our thoughts, our egos interfere in subtle and insidious ways to insure that we continue to think, believe, and behave exactly as we have inrepparttar 122129 past.

And why doesrepparttar 122130 ego do this? The ego does this in order to protect us. One could even go so far as to sayrepparttar 122131 ego does this because it loves us. Granted, it's definitely a "Mommy Dearest" "No-More-Wire-Hangers" kind of love, but even so, whenrepparttar 122132 ego encourages us to cling to our painful, negative beliefs, it does so because it truly believes that it's acting in our best interest.

Remember,repparttar 122133 ego is a part ofrepparttar 122134 third dimension; we are not. Whatrepparttar 122135 ego believes is in our best interest is not always actually in our best interest.

The ego believes that it is protecting us from being destroyed. (In point of fact,repparttar 122136 ego is actually protecting itself from being destroyed. The ego _can_ be destroyed. _We,_ onrepparttar 122137 other hand, cannot, because we are eternal, multi-dimensional beings, and individualized aspects of All That Is.) The ego believes that even our most painful, limiting beliefs are essential, becauserepparttar 122138 small amount of pain that we experience actually protects us from a much bigger pain: death.

When we choose to change our thinking, we must be careful not to trigger our egos. One ofrepparttar 122139 most powerful ways to approach changing our thoughts and beliefs is to consider this radical thought:

Every belief that we currently hold, no matter how negative, painful, limiting, and even wrong it may be, actually serves us. Because we are whole, complete and perfect exactly as we are, it follows that each and every one of our beliefs is also perfect.

This may seem a strange approach to changing our thinking, but consider it more deeply. The root of every negative, limiting belief isrepparttar 122140 belief that there is something wrong with us. This belief, in turn, can only exist when we buy intorepparttar 122141 illusion that we are separate, and forgetrepparttar 122142 truth that we are completely and eternally connected to all of creation; that since we are individualized aspects of All That Is, we are, by our very nature, perfect.

Often, when we believe that there is something wrong with our beliefs, we triggerrepparttar 122143 ego. As a result, we beat ourselves up for having createdrepparttar 122144 negative belief inrepparttar 122145 first place. This, of course, only reinforcesrepparttar 122146 root of all of our negative beliefs: that there is something wrong with us. When we accept ourselves and our current beliefs as perfect, we avoid triggeringrepparttar 122147 ego. This isrepparttar 122148 most effective way of actually changing our beliefs.

Once we've convinced our ego that there's nothing wrong with repparttar 122149 beliefs that we currently hold, we can introduce a new thought. While all of our beliefs are currently working just fine, it may be possible to upgrade our beliefs, and make more elegant choices.

Consider this: most of our most limiting and painful beliefs were formed while we were children. We created these beliefs usingrepparttar 122150 resources and skills available to us atrepparttar 122151 time, in order to protect us from very specific circumstances and situations. Even though these beliefs worked beautifully when we were children, we've never actually updated them. Our circumstances have changed. We've developed significantly greater skills, and have infinitely more choices and resources at our disposal as adults than we did as children. It may just be possible that we can create a new belief that does an even better job of protecting us thanrepparttar 122152 old one did.

Or, to put it another way, when we formed most of our painful and negative beliefs, we only hadrepparttar 122153 8-color box of crayons to use. Now, as adults, we have access torepparttar 122154 big, 128-color box. The 8-color beliefs still serve us, but when we're ready, we can also choose to upgrade and create more elegant, skillful, and above all, more colorful beliefs. **In Part 2, we will explorerepparttar 122155 steps that we must take in order to truly heal.**

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