Psychic Healing: Mending Subconscious Wounds

Written by Dale Power

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*Now that you are aware of what your deeper mind is saying to you, or at least have an idea that it is communicating, take a few moments to listen. Letrepparttar knowledge of what it is saying come to you.

*Now let your mind drift to a difficult topic, intent is enough to guide your mind to a subject, donít feel like you have to tackle any particular issue. Stay as relaxed as possible. Each time you feel anxious or fearful, or any other negative emotion, introduce a feeling of peace and calm overrepparttar 122121 issue. Dwell onrepparttar 122122 feeling of peace and calm until it replacesrepparttar 122123 negative sensations. This will create a change in that particular pattern, that is so effective at this level of thought, that it is unlikely to recur inrepparttar 122124 same way again. Over time you will deal with all ofrepparttar 122125 main permutations ofrepparttar 122126 underlying trauma.

*The key here is to keep going. Every time you calm and smooth out a particular thought in your subconscious, your mind is permanently changingrepparttar 122127 pattern of response and replacing it with a feeling of calm, peace or whatever you have decided to replace it with. Try to spend ten to twenty minutes a day on this. Donít set a goal date to be done by, just make it part of your daily routine. You will find it a useful skill to have long after all of your current difficulties have faded.

*Push yourself torepparttar 122128 level you need to personally and donít coddle your self overly. Atrepparttar 122129 same time, please, remember that you have time to correct things! Of course it would be great if every problem would just disappear overnight. Unfortunately, it just isnít going to happen. Still, it is much harder to live withrepparttar 122130 problems than invest a bit of time inrepparttar 122131 solutions.

Once you have worked with this method for a few weeks, there are some other things that might help speedrepparttar 122132 process up.

1. Begin each session with a psychic overlay that will help you communicate with your deeper self. That is, once you are in communication with your subconscious mind develop and holdrepparttar 122133 concept of deep non-verbal contemplation. Let this feeling grow stronger as you hold it. Feel your mind becoming calmer and more at peace. Hold this for a few minutes and then begin your normal daily practice. This will help nudge you towards uncovering deeper material and issues, which will help speed your progress.

2. Add to your practice a greater range of replacement feelings and concepts. Replace feelings of fear with courage or internal fortitude. Replace anger and rage with feelings of compassion for others. Make a conscious decision as to how you would like to feel aboutrepparttar 122134 issues that come up and make them happen.

3. After you practice these techniques, try and pay attention to any difficulties that come up duringrepparttar 122135 day. Issues that keep surfacing arerepparttar 122136 ones to deal with inrepparttar 122137 next session.

On a finishing note. I really wish to impressrepparttar 122138 idea that there is nothing wrong with seeking help from others, good counseling and medical help can often be of benefit, when you are struggling with a problem. Psychic healing measures can also help a person through a crises point and have no peer in direct intervention techniques.

Your mental and emotional state is under your control. You are your own best cure.

Dale Power is a psychic healer, researcher and educator that has been focusing on ways to improve psychic functioning in humans for the last twenty years. Go to: to find out more about the work being done.

Psychic Healing: Repatterning

Written by Dale Power

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*Properly in state, gain a sense ofrepparttar information field of your patient. Just sense this field for a few minutes, let it tell you what is wrong, or right, withrepparttar 122120 person. Donít judgerepparttar 122121 information at this point. Just record what it is telling you.

*Now, pick a healthy person to compare this field to. Notice what things are different and what matches up.

*Focusing onrepparttar 122122 original bio-field again, hold, in conceptual formrepparttar 122123 idea that this field is changing to matchrepparttar 122124 healthy parts ofrepparttar 122125 other, well persons, field.

*As you are maintainingrepparttar 122126 concept of change, you must also continue to psychically senserepparttar 122127 field you are working on. This feedback will allow you to make very exacting changes in any system in real time.

*Oncerepparttar 122128 changes have taken place, and it should only take a few minutes, keeprepparttar 122129 new pattern steady and solid for around an hour.

It is possible that with this basic skill you could learn to influence any active, energetic, system.

By focusing your repatterning a bit more, you can often increaserepparttar 122130 speed of healing. The reason for this is simple. When you heal a personrepparttar 122131 energy forrepparttar 122132 corrections comes fromrepparttar 122133 other person. If you focus your efforts their body will only go afterrepparttar 122134 problem area with faster levels of repair.

Here are a few other things you might wish to try with your repatterning skills.

*Working with plants is a great and rewarding exercise for repatterning practice. Find a plant that is doing poorly and change its information to be more like that of another plant that is thriving. Plants are easily influenced and will respond very well to your efforts.

*If a friend, or yourself, gets a small scratch or bruise, take a few minutes to alterrepparttar 122135 damaged information back to an uninjured state. If you wish to practice this on yourself and no one else is around, comparerepparttar 122136 damaged area with an undamaged one on your own body. You should be able to more than doublerepparttar 122137 speed of healing in this way. Even if you need a bit more time to practice,repparttar 122138 very act of trying to fixrepparttar 122139 problem will help!

*If you are feeling low on energy, change your pattern to reflect a more energetic one. Copy a hyper friends feeling of energy, or use your memory ofrepparttar 122140 last time you felt peppy and bring it back. The longer you hold it,repparttar 122141 stronger it will be. As an additional perk, you can increaserepparttar 122142 feeling of energy by quite a bit compared torepparttar 122143 state you are copying! I often use this as a solid pick me up inrepparttar 122144 afternoon.

True, no one is going to be perfect at repatterning over night. It takes time and effort to learn to do well and there are many other skills, as well as specific patterns that you have to learn, before declaring mastery ofrepparttar 122145 subject. With time and discipline you can do it though and it is an ability that is useful enough to be well worthrepparttar 122146 daily practice.

Dale Power is a psychic healer, researcher and educator that has been focusing on ways to improve psychic functioning in humans for the last twenty years. Go to: to find out more about the work being done.

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