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Written by Chris Small

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Just because you are offering something for free (no money), it doesn't mean that you can't ask for something in return - like their email address. This is how some very successful ezines build their lists. They offer something that is valuable for FREE, but insist thatrepparttar visitor joins their opt-in list. This really is a win - win situation forrepparttar 134805 visitor, because they can unsubscribe two minutes later (if they really want to), but by staying onrepparttar 134806 list they will likely be exposed to more information that is of interest to them. The theory is that if they are interested inrepparttar 134807 FREE site information, they will absolutely loverepparttar 134808 current material inrepparttar 134809 ezine.

4) Internal Banner Exchanger.

This tool was an afterthought that has paid huge dividends. We all know that Banners and Banner Exchangers are quickly losing their effectiveness, yet a large part ofrepparttar 134810 advertising onrepparttar 134811 Internet still revolves around them. So we thought 'why not use them in a way that keepsrepparttar 134812 traffic withinrepparttar 134813 site, but allows us to test various banners' If we discover that one particular banner design or word arrangement is working especially well, then perhaps some funds can be devoted to using it on outside sites.

The banners also reinforcedrepparttar 134814 image ofrepparttar 134815 pages that they were aimed at, without losing one single click through.

There are of course many other considerations for designing your main page. These are justrepparttar 134816 ones that were most pertinent to us.

To summarize; make sure that you have a very appealing and professional look to your page that is consistent throughoutrepparttar 134817 site, use high impact, value oriented words in your copy, reducerepparttar 134818 number of outgoing links and increase repparttar 134819 number of internal site links. And most important of all... create a work of art that you are proud of, but not afraid to improve upon (change)

Chris Small is a partner at The World Deal Center. Come and see for yourself the changes that we have made.

Looking Good on the Web

Written by Ruth McIntyre-Williams

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3. Unify your site. Use REPETITION. Keeprepparttar same background color/image from page to page. Put your logo on each page inrepparttar 134804 same place. Userepparttar 134805 same text color from page to page. If you have those billowing begonias on your index page, use a begonia flower for all your navigation buttons. Whatever you choose as navigation buttons, userepparttar 134806 same ones on each page. If you use a text graphic for navigation, repeat that from page to page. Whatever. Repetition is comfortable. It holdsrepparttar 134807 site together.

4. Of course,repparttar 134808 same thing allrepparttar 134809 time could be boring torepparttar 134810 viewer. So you do need some VARIETY. Back torepparttar 134811 nursery business. Perhaps allrepparttar 134812 bulbs pages would have a green background, while allrepparttar 134813 herbs pages could have a blue background, andrepparttar 134814 annuals a yellow background. But they might all have repparttar 134815 same basic layout otherwise. When you introduce variety into your design, make it logical. Have a reason for it. All of your navigation buttons could be flowers, different for each section. Balance out repetition and variety so that your site is unified, but interesting.

5. Be kind to your viewer. Restrain yourself from obnoxious animation. Use it sparingly and carefully, if at all. Keeprepparttar 134816 music minima, if at all. Make repparttar 134817 font big enough to read easily. Contrastrepparttar 134818 colors ofrepparttar 134819 font and of repparttar 134820 background so thatrepparttar 134821 text shows up clearly. If you use a splash page, tellrepparttar 134822 viewer what to do to get into your site.

Good visual design keeps a viewer at your site. It inspires confidence in your product. Go to a search engine and bring up sites similar to yours and critique them. Get ideas. Then use them. Be a designer. Make your site a Presence onrepparttar 134823 web.

And while you're surfing aroundrepparttar 134824 net, check out my website at, just forrepparttar 134825 fun of it. Maybe it'll give you an idea.

Ruth McIntyre-Williams holds a Master of Arts in art, and has been a computer graphics design specialist for the National Park Service. She is now retired, and does free-lance website design.

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