Pruning Your Orchid Plants

Written by Robert Roy

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Oncerepparttar stalk turns yellow or brown, it is obvious that no blossoms or plants will be produced. You can then cut it to within an inch from whererepparttar 113416 blossom stalk originated onrepparttar 113417 plant. You can also cut it there when it is green if you don't mind losing potential blossoms. Another option is to just removerepparttar 113418 end ofrepparttar 113419 blossom stalk to shortenrepparttar 113420 stalk, but retain enough so that it may bloom again. If you do this, cut it back to about 1/4 inch above a node (indicated by a small leaf-like bract claspingrepparttar 113421 stalk).

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Caring for a Living Christmas Tree

Written by Sherri Allen

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Living trees may be decorated, but with care. If lights are used, they must not give off any heat.

Avoid extreme temperature changes. Do not removerepparttar tree directly from a warm house out into freezing temperatures. Instead, move to a sheltered area first for several days.

Plantrepparttar 113415 tree as soon as possible. Ifrepparttar 113416 ground is not frozen,repparttar 113417 tree may be replanted. The spot to be dug should be mulched to prevent freezing.

Do not removerepparttar 113418 burlap and strapping (unless it is plastic). This keepsrepparttar 113419 root ball solid and secure. Inrepparttar 113420 instance of a plastic cover, cutrepparttar 113421 cord and roll downrepparttar 113422 plastic at least half way prior to planting. Taprepparttar 113423 tree container of a potted tree and remove prior to planting. Do not attempt to remove soil fromrepparttar 113424 root system. Earth removed fromrepparttar 113425 original hole should be backfilled aroundrepparttar 113426 root ball. Mulch heavily overrepparttar 113427 top ofrepparttar 113428 planted root ball to prevent it from freezing. Water only as needed: a flooded tree may not survive.

Provide support forrepparttar 113429 tree. Stakerepparttar 113430 tree to prevent wind tipping or damage duringrepparttar 113431 first growing season.

Try a living Christmas tree. With proper care, it will keep bringing you enjoyment throughoutrepparttar 113432 years.

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