Pruning Basics

Written by Donna Evans

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Remove suckers. Some plants, such as glossy black chokeberries tend to send up suckers which are new shoots from whererepparttar stem meetsrepparttar 151115 root. Carefully cut outrepparttar 151116 suckers which interfere withrepparttar 151117 shape ofrepparttar 151118 plant.

Timing. Generally it is best to prune plants in late winter or early spring beforerepparttar 151119 new growth starts. However, for spring and early summer blooming shrubs and trees, such as lilacs, wait until afterrepparttar 151120 bloom and then trim. This will help you to avoid cutting offrepparttar 151121 current buds.

In pruning it is best to recognize your limitations. For tall trees or high branches you may need to call a professional arborist. Also, if you have any questions on what or when to prune make sure you do more research before getting out those clippers.

Donna Evans is co-owner of Gizmo Creations LLC, a landscape design firm located north of Brainerd, Minnesota. Gizmo Creations works with homeowners, landscape contractors and business owners to create a unique landscape that incorporates the property owner's lifestyle into their landscape. Their website,, has numerous articles on landscape design as well as sample plans.

The Incredible Daylily

Written by Donna Evans

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Black Eyed Susan: A real standout inrepparttar garden. This daylily has rich yellow-orange petals with a maroon and dark orange throat. Bama Bound: This daylily has a deep reddish color giving it a satin like appearance. Little Grapette: A miniatured sized daylily with grape-purple petals and a green throat. Beauty to Behold: A light lemon colored daylily with a green throat. The flowers are satin in appearance. The flowers are nocturnal;repparttar 151114 day’s flowers actually open uprepparttar 151115 night before. Hyperion: This daylily has been around for over 80 years. The canary yellow flowers have a trumpet shape and are treasured for their delicate fragrance.

Donna Evans is co-owner of Gizmo Creations, a landscape design firm located just north of Brainerd, Minnesota. Gizmo Creations has a over 20 years of experience in landscape design. Their award winning website has numerous tips and articles on landscape design.

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