Providing a Target Yields Better Results

Written by Kathleen J. Wheelihan

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Ironically, supervisors and managers are sometimes fearful that by telling employees what to do, they will alienate them or make them feel inadequate. However, more often than not, clear expectations actually comfort employees and give themrepparttar power to getrepparttar 141066 right job done, inrepparttar 141067 right way. That is not to say that supervisors should dictate every step ofrepparttar 141068 way; that only stifles creativity and eliminatesrepparttar 141069 possibility of improving processes. Nor does setting expectations guarantee success every time.

But don’t let these fears and risks dissuade you from providing employees with appropriate targets. Keep in mind each employee’s skill, experience, education, and preferred learning and communication styles. Provide challenges withinrepparttar 141070 employee’s reach. With a clear target, and your coaching and feedback to improve aim and execution, you’ll be amazed at how well employees can hitrepparttar 141071 mark. And that kind of success can be contagious!

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CRM - Everyone You Meet is Fighting a Hard Battle

Written by Meredith Gossland

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There is nothing as memorable as a person's kindness when we are in a difficult situation.

Help your clients to solve their immediate problems (pertaining to your business!)and they will be satisfied. Give them reason to smile and they will be impressed. Do it every time they contact you and they will never leave you. Client loyalty is a reflection ofrepparttar level of care they preceive they are getting from a business. This does not mean we sacrifice our profits and productivity. It means that we increase our profits and productivity. Happy employees work better and exhibit higher levels of company loyalty when dealing with customers and happy customers will return and tell their friends.

No matter what you sell or manufacture; from fertilizer to real estate, from preschools to restaurants, you are first inrepparttar 141065 business of providing solutions for people. These solutions need to include howrepparttar 141066 person feels when they walk outrepparttar 141067 door, and you must always keep that in mind.

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