Provence Steak Recipes

Written by Hans Dekker

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First you begin by crushingrepparttar peppercorns. Then in a large bowl, mix together ofrepparttar 144300 Provence herbs, all ofrepparttar 144301 oil, lemon juice and crushed peppercorns. Placerepparttar 144302 steaks inrepparttar 144303 mixture, turning to coatrepparttar 144304 steaks inrepparttar 144305 mixture. Cover and refrigerate for at least one hour. The longerrepparttar 144306 steaks marinaterepparttar 144307 betterrepparttar 144308 flavor. Before grilling userepparttar 144309 remainder ofrepparttar 144310 herbs and spread overrepparttar 144311 grill. Grillrepparttar 144312 steaks until desired doneness and season to taste after cooking.

Provence steak recipes are easy to create, just use your favorite steak recipe and addrepparttar 144313 Provence herbs instead of what you normally use. These herbs are becoming very popular for providing steaks with a unique and awesome flavor that everyone enjoys. You can also addrepparttar 144314 Provence herbs to your favorite marinade and then baste your steaks while grilling, broiling or baking.

Either way you choose to use these herbs your tastebuds will be very thankful

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Prime Rib Cooking Times

Written by Hans Dekker

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Onrepparttar other hand, there are those who swear by cookingrepparttar 144299 prime rib in a hot oven. This method reduces prime rib cooking times torepparttar 144300 minimum while searingrepparttar 144301 exterior ofrepparttar 144302 meat so that it containsrepparttar 144303 juices. When placed in a 500 oven, a 12 pound roast will cook in less than an hour.

This fast cooking method, however, depends onrepparttar 144304 roast staying inrepparttar 144305 warm oven for at least one more hour afterrepparttar 144306 heat is turned off. During this time,repparttar 144307 meat is still cooking, so you could say that this method requires prime rib cooking times of three hours.

No matter which way you cookrepparttar 144308 meat, you have to checkrepparttar 144309 interior temperature to make sure that it is cooked allrepparttar 144310 way through. A good-quality meat thermometer will tell yourepparttar 144311 temperature ofrepparttar 144312 roast and you might have to extendrepparttar 144313 prime rib cooking times by an hour or two.

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