Proven two minutes magic exercise to conqure the fear of phone

Written by Peter Benson

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Start making calls to your prospects one by one.Limit your time to two minutes and stick to your script.Ifrepparttar recipient does not pick uprepparttar 135936 phone leave a message.Do not focus onrepparttar 135937 result concentrate on making calls.

Do you fear playing lotto just because you lost? Play as many as possible phone calls lotto and do not expect to win.

What will happen?

The fear will take its toll reachingrepparttar 135938 highest peak! Your prospects will notice present of fear from your conversation.They will sense it in your voice and reject your offer.

Now this isrepparttar 135939 key! Without your knowledge magic is happening inside you.You are targeting fear with a laser beam and melting it away.You are now building little victories on gradual basis. The fear that crippled you will start to subside generating you a momentum that will seem foreign to you.

You will not understand how easy it will be to pick up a phone and call a prospect.You will eliminaterepparttar 135940 nerves and replace it with confidence.

You will be astounded byrepparttar 135941 feelings andrepparttar 135942 power of two minutes exercise.Go for it! Launchrepparttar 135943 fear attack compaign to improve your business and better your lifestyle.

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Freelance Tips: How to Cope with Spring Fever When There's Work to Be Done

Written by Dina Giolitto,

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5. Designate a time to check email. How many times have you set your mind to a task only to find you've lost an entire hour because you maderepparttar mistake of checking email? Email is by farrepparttar 135790 biggest time waster, especially whenrepparttar 135791 weather is warm and everyone's preoccupied with frivolity. Don't give in torepparttar 135792 temptation! Instead, designate two or three hours of your day to checking and responding to emails as well as deleting old ones that take up space in your mailbox. And NO, that forward your Aunt Millie sent does not count as a work-related email!

6. Take it outside. Who says you have to sit in a dark room staring atrepparttar 135793 monitor for 9 hours straight? Ifrepparttar 135794 weather is balmy, why not enjoy it while atrepparttar 135795 same time keeping busy! Print out your documents, grab a beach chair and choose a nice, quiet spot where you can work quietly and enjoyrepparttar 135796 warm sunshine. Don't forget a paperweight of some kind in caserepparttar 135797 wind picks up!

7. Do some spring cleaning. Sometimes,repparttar 135798 best way to rid your mind of clutter is to rid your workspace of clutter. Grabrepparttar 135799 paper shredder, go through those old dusty files and clear away all that needless paperwork you'll never use again. Organize your office so that everything you need is within reach, such as paper clips, folders, pens, pads; and of course, your Springline stapler. Junk those useless computer files littering your computer desktop. Take a trip to Staples for a Rolodex and some stacking file holders. Once you're done reorganizing, you can finally get down to business!

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