Protocols of Sion #2

Written by Robert Bruce Baird

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{The Gestapo had a lot of citizen help andrepparttar Nazis of Germany would be impressed withrepparttar 149969 denial of citizens going on today. There are strong indicators of major dependencies which lead away from freedom and people aren't even aware they aren't free due torepparttar 149970 legalization and forced attendance at school not in existence inrepparttar 149971 time these ideas were formulated.} -'In our program one-third of (the masses) will keeprepparttar 149972 rest under observation from a sense of duty, onrepparttar 149973 principle of volunteer service torepparttar 149974 State. {Machiavelli might say giving people perceived power to inform on others appeals to a lot of basic human urges.} It will be no disgrace to be a spy and informer, but a merit... how else (are) we to. .. increase… disorders?' (Protocol 17) 'Sedition-mongering is nothing more thanrepparttar 149975 yapping of a lap-dog at an elephant... In order to destroyrepparttar 149976 prestige of heroism, for political crime we shall send it for trial inrepparttar 149977 category of thieving, murder and every kind of abominable and filthy crime. {The invocation of National Interest, increase in mutiny ofrepparttar 149978 sea, fomentation of racial prejudices andrepparttar 149979 like served well for a century or more.} Public opinion will then... brand it withrepparttar 149980 same contempt.' (Protocol 19) 'Until (dissenters) commit some overt act we shall not lay a finger on them but only introduce into their midst observation elements...' (Protocol 18)

{The use ofrepparttar 149981 Weathermen by J. Edgar Hoover was a fine example of this kind of management and encouragement to create a whipping dog to keep others from questioning whetherrepparttar 149982 government was fair and open to criticism. Then they were brought down from within.}

Later Protocols deal with finances. Protocol 20 called for general taxation, 'the lawful confiscation of all sums of every kind forrepparttar 149983 regulation of their circulation inrepparttar 149984 State.' This would be followed by a 'progressive tax on property' and then finally a graduated income tax, a 'tax increasing in a percentage ratio to capital' as well as taxes on sales, 'receipt of money', inheritance, and property transfers. {The lack of actual taxes paid byrepparttar 149985 very rich allows further question. For example Rupert Murdoch is able to get preferred status byrepparttar 149986 creation of Congressional allowances just for him. Donations torepparttar 149987 agencies ofrepparttar 149988 Masons or churches are tax free andrepparttar 149989 investment in certain things they wanted allowed tax avoidance.} There was a discussion of 'the substitution of interest-bearing paper:' money since 'Economic crises have been produced by us... by no other means thanrepparttar 149990 withdrawal of money from circulation.'

The Protocols also discuss at great length - loans, which it states 'hang like a sword of Damocles overrepparttar 149991 heads of rulers, who, instead of taking from their subjects by a temporary tax, come begging with outstretched palm to our bankers.'…

Despite their dubious origin,repparttar 149992 Protocols were taken seriously by many powerful people, including Germany's Kaiser Wilhelm II, Russia's Czar Nicholas II, and American industrialist Henry Ford, who used them to persuaderepparttar 149993 U.S. Senate not to join President Wilson's League of Nations.

The Ochrana's plan worked a bit too well. A counterrevolution took place and pogroms against Russian Jews were instituted by vigilantes called 'The Black Guard', incensed byrepparttar 149994 Czarist propaganda. Continuing instability and violence finally resulted inrepparttar 149995 1905 Russian Revolution, during whichrepparttar 149996 Protocols again were trotted out by pro-czarist elements to inflamerepparttar 149997 public.

Hitler sawrepparttar 149998 Protocols as a real proclamation despiterepparttar 149999 evidence of fabrication. In Mein Kampf he wrote, 'They are supposed to be a 'forgery'repparttar 150000 Frankfurter Zeitung moans and cries out torepparttar 150001 world once a week;repparttar 150002 best proof that they are genuine after all... Butrepparttar 150003 best criticism applied to them is reality. He who examinesrepparttar 150004 historical development ofrepparttar 150005 past hundred years, fromrepparttar 150006 points of view of this book (the Protocols), will also immediately understandrepparttar 150007 clamor ofrepparttar 150008 Jewish press. For once this book has becomerepparttar 150009 common property of a people,repparttar 150010 Jewish danger is bound to be considered as broken.'

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Pork Barrel and The FED

Written by Robert Bruce Baird

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Andrew Jackson knew that people like Jefferson had loans fromrepparttar Rothschilds and he sawrepparttar 149559 dangers of letting anyone charge interest on loans to governments that could always be whipped up in a frenzy of war to acceleraterepparttar 149560 debt and mortgagerepparttar 149561 future ofrepparttar 149562 nation. We must look with favor upon his fight to controlrepparttar 149563 international financiers but having to buy off so many other people wasrepparttar 149564 devil’s bargain and inrepparttar 149565 long run we seerepparttar 149566 Rothschilds wonrepparttar 149567 battle when they had their agents buyrepparttar 149568 media and createrepparttar 149569 FED.

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