Protect and Improve Your Health With Antioxidants

Written by Hamoon Arbabi

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The American Heart Association teaches us that atherosclerosis, which can lead to heart attacks and strokes, is caused by fatty buildups in our arteries. Oxidation of LDL cholesterol is a large factor inrepparttar buildup of these fatty deposits. According torepparttar 147717 AHA, vitamin E isrepparttar 147718 best ofrepparttar 147719 naturally occurring antioxidants for providing protection againstrepparttar 147720 oxidation of LDL cholesterol.

Vitamin C is probablyrepparttar 147721 most potent general free radical fighter. Its antioxidant properties are used by nearly every cell ofrepparttar 147722 body. Vitamin C is a very strong immune system booster.

Here’s an interesting item fromrepparttar 147723 Journal ofrepparttar 147724 Science of Food and Agriculture. A study investigatedrepparttar 147725 effects of various cooking methods on broccoli. It concluded that microwave cooking depleted 97 per cent ofrepparttar 147726 broccoli’s flavonoids, a major antioxidant. By contrast, steamingrepparttar 147727 broccoli depleted only 11 per cent ofrepparttar 147728 same antioxidants.

How prevalent is microwave cooking inrepparttar 147729 kitchens of our homes? Dr Cristina Garcia-Viguera, co-author ofrepparttar 147730 study, concluded that it is best “to cook vegetables inrepparttar 147731 minimum amount of water in order to retain their nutritional benefits.”

What To Do

To improverepparttar 147732 health of our cells throughout our bodies, to protect our cells fromrepparttar 147733 ravages of oxidation, it is essential to include a rich supply of important antioxidants in our daily diet. Two to four servings fromrepparttar 147734 fruit group and three to five servings fromrepparttar 147735 vegetable group daily are recommended.

If you find it difficult to consume an abundance of antioxidants fromrepparttar 147736 recommended food groups, then taking daily supplements should solverepparttar 147737 problem. Find easily digestible tablet or gel capsules from major companies or substitute good liquid supplements as a convenient and good-tasting alternative. As always, consult a physician before beginning a major new program.

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Planning Stress Management

Written by Jeff Dedrick

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The best way to manage stress is to first become aware ofrepparttar stressors and to observe individual’s emotion and physical reactions to them. Most often, people ignorerepparttar 147716 stress factors and just wish that they would go away. The stressor may be a person, a situation or an event. The individual must recognize that a stress factor is affecting his/her life and emotionally and physically he/she is reacting to it.

After whichrepparttar 147717 next thing to do is to recognize what can be changed. The change may occur by avoiding or eliminatingrepparttar 147718 stress factor completely as stated earlier or by reducing its intensity. This is done by managingrepparttar 147719 stress over a period of time instead of on a daily or weekly basis. If possible, it is best to try also to shorten exposure to stress. This may be done by taking a break, a sabbatical or a leave whatever possible so long asrepparttar 147720 individual avoidsrepparttar 147721 physical premise whererepparttar 147722 stress is present. Another way is to devote time and energy to effect change by practicing goal setting and time management techniques.

The next stress management technique is by reducingrepparttar 147723 intensity of emotional reaction to stress. Simply said, to avoid worrying too much. The worriers most likely chicken out. Sometimes perception ofrepparttar 147724 stress factor is exaggerated. It’s like making a mountain out of a mole. It is best to work at adopting moderate views. Positive thinkers achieve more thanrepparttar 147725 negative thinkers.

By not worrying too much,repparttar 147726 individual saves his body from possible physical illnesses. He is protecting his health to deteriorate due to lack of sleep and inappropriate food intake.

It is best to build physical reserves to be able to manage stress. The usual exercise is needed for cardiovascular fitness at least done three to four times a week. Live a healthy lifestyle because this will berepparttar 147727 best armor in fightingrepparttar 147728 daily struggle of life.

Lastly, maintain your emotional reserves. The support from family and friends are still basic necessities in life.

Do not work out for a stress free life, work out to achieve and live a well stress managed life.

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