Protect Your Car From Road Salt

Written by Marilyn Pokorney

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To prevent winter damage, it is recommended that you wash your vehicle every 10 days. Wash your vehicle wheneverrepparttar temperature is 40 degrees F. and above. Do it duringrepparttar 102727 day so that it dries completely before freezing evening temperatures begin.

Immediately after washingrepparttar 102728 vehicle, open and close all doors,repparttar 102729 trunk, and other parts ofrepparttar 102730 car with locks several times before parking it to prevent locks from freezing.

Always wash your car right after a snow or rain shower. Rain and snow collect pollutants inrepparttar 102731 air and drop them as acid rain which can damagerepparttar 102732 cars protective finish. Snow and sleet also includerepparttar 102733 corrosive road salt.

Washrepparttar 102734 underside of your car often duringrepparttar 102735 winter months in car washes that do not use recycled water.

Avoid driving through large puddles of standing water which is saturated with road salt.

Any paint chips that are larger thanrepparttar 102736 tip of a pen should be taken care of immediately.

Wax your car at least every six months. Put a good heavy coat of wax on your car beforerepparttar 102737 winter storms hit. This heavy coat will protect your paint fromrepparttar 102738 corrosive salt and cold temperatures.

More frequent waxes are needed if your car is red, black or white because these colors are more susceptible to acid rain and UV rays.

When spring time rolls around, treat your car to a good wax job again. Be sure to remove all road grime and salt off ofrepparttar 102739 car before you begin waxing.

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Fundamentals for selling your own car

Written by Graeme Sprigge

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If you can imagine yourself inrepparttar shoes ofrepparttar 102726 buyer then you will understand how to present your car. It is amazing how many people try to sell a dirty car. They may succeed butrepparttar 102727 ultimate test isrepparttar 102728 final price.

4. Don't Mislead The Buyer

Even though it may be tempting to disguise faults, there are very good reasons why you should not. You will have a difficult time selling it if you are hiding something major and will have fixed attention onrepparttar 102729 sale thereafter. If you want to sleep well at night, be upfront. Cars get old and things go wrong with them - it's a fact of life. I have always found that being upfront was better, including financially. It's one of those funny things - you seem to lose a few hundred onrepparttar 102730 car but you gain it somewhere else.

There are many buyers who will buy a vehicle with faults because they haverepparttar 102731 expertise and inclination to fix it.

This may seem controversial but having sold many cars I can attest that it isrepparttar 102732 way to go.

Graeme Sprigge - Author of The 90 Minute Car Salesman - How to sell your car, get an extra $300-$3000, and still have a life.

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