Proper E-mail Etiquette--Part II

Written by Dean Phillips

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TIA--thanks in advance

TIC--tongue in cheek

TLA--three-letter acronym

TTFN--ta-ta for now

TTYL--talk to you later

TYVM--thank you very much

WYSIWYG--what you see is what you get

Commonly Used Emoticons:

:-) smiley face

;-) wink (light sarcasm)

:-| indifference

:-> devilish grin (heavy sarcasm)

8-) eye-glasses

:-D shock or surprise

:-/ perplexed

:-( frown (anger or displeasure)

:-P wry smile

;-} leer

:-Q smoker

:-e disappointment

:-@ scream

:-O yell

:-* drunk

:-{} wears lipstick

:- male

>- female

The above abbreviations and emoticons were presented for your knowledge and enjoyment only. I highly recommend you use these sparingly, if at all, since not everyone knows what they mean.

There are hundreds of these things and their translations are by no means universal (a mis-interpreted smiley could lead to a flame).

Ooops, sorry! Here'srepparttar definition of flame: name- calling, personal insults, verbal attacks, trying to start a fight with someone, to criticize harhly in an e- mail.

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NATE PERKINS LIVE! We're At A Crossroad. Talk To Me.

Written by LTC Nathaniel William Perkins, USA (Ret)

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We’re at a crossroad! Talk to me about information technology that is speeding so far ahead ofrepparttar black community that dotes on sports superstars ratherrepparttar 109524 education of young black men.

We’re at a crossroad! Talk to me about blacks who hide out inrepparttar 109525 black neighborhood as Democrats but vote Republican and share inrepparttar 109526 wealth ofrepparttar 109527 community behind closed doors.

We’re at a crossroad! Talk to me about black entrepreneurs who discourage each other from hiring young blacks for fear of stealth, absenteeism and lackadaisical behavior.

__________________ Nate Perkins Live! We're At A Crossroad. You've been hoodwinked. Talk To Me. ISBN:1-1420-3606-2 Perfect bound, 145 pages, WWW.TRAFFORD.COM/ROBOTS/1434.HTML

Honorable Retired Disabled Veteran Lieutenant Colonel Nathaniel “Nate” W. Perkins served in the U.S. Army for 24 years, in the field of Telecommunications and Information Technology Warfare at the highest level. His leadership started as Captain of his high school football team, basketball team and track team, and evolved to Chief of Information Assurance at the U.S. Army Forces Command. He fought in the Gulf War and received a Bronze Star.

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