Promoting your Affiliate Program with Directories- Part II

Written by Merle

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This directory contains over 4048 programs and allows you list your site for free. All submissions are reviewed by a human and they do require you to post their "approved by Refer-It" logo on your site if accepted.

8) Associate Search

Choose your category, and fill inrepparttar form to get your free listing.

9) Active Income

Get listed in this directory by filling inrepparttar 102657 short form and hitting submit.

10) Affiliate Forum

Billing itself as "A Trusted Affiliate Network Directory", fill inrepparttar 102658 quick form to be considered for inclusion.

11) Affiliate Guide

A regular listing is free but if you want to come out atrepparttar 102659 top a pay for premium listing is offered as an option.

12) Affiliate Match

Free listing is offered to all just fill inrepparttar 102660 form with your programs details and you're good to go.

13) Affiliate Promoter

Accepting all types of affiliate programs except for adult programs. All submissions are reviewed.

14) Associate Cash

You'll have to register first in order to list your program but listing is free with no strings attached.

15) Click Associates

Nice directory broken down by subject and sub categories. You'll have to submit your site torepparttar 102661 proper category for inclusion.

So there you have itrepparttar 102662 top 15 directories to list your associate program with. Remember, an affiliate program is a great way to increase your sales but they won't do you a bit of good if no one knows about them. By submitting to as many directories as possible you can be sure you'll be easily found when an affiliate is searching for a great money-maker to join.

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To Buy or Not to Buy? A Money-Making Tip for Affiliates

Written by Angela Wu

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* You'll *know*repparttar quality ofrepparttar 102656 product you're selling. Offer your visitors top-quality products and you'll have a much better chance of converting them into repeat customers. That means more money in your pocket!

* You can offer a personal endorsement ofrepparttar 102657 product. This goes a long way, particularly with those you've developed a good working relationship with (newsletter subscribers, for example).

Now I can understand putting offrepparttar 102658 purchase of an expensive, high-end product ... but if your affiliate product is only a few dollars, then why hesitate? Many people spend far more on advertising than it would cost them to purchaserepparttar 102659 affiliate product.

So what can you do if you don't have much money to spare?

* Biterepparttar 102660 bullet; buyrepparttar 102661 product and eatrepparttar 102662 cost. If it's only a few bucks it probably won't hurt you.

* Attempt to make a few sales. Invest inrepparttar 102663 product once you make enough in commissions to do so.

* Buyrepparttar 102664 product, eatrepparttar 102665 cost, and go for some effective no-cost advertising to offset your investment. For example, you could swap or barter for website or ezine advertising.

Can you make good money selling affiliate products without buying them yourself? Sure. No doubt there are a few people who do. But most people have trouble selling *anything* online, let alone a product they know nothing or very little about. Which path will YOU take?

Angela is the editor of Online Business Basics, a newsletter for eBusiness beginners, featuring step-by- step tutorials on how to build a money-making online business without emptying your wallet! To find out how it can save you time, money, and guesswork, visit

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