Promoting Your Work through Press Releases and Conferences

Written by Shonda Ponder

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When sending a press release,repparttar most important part ofrepparttar 125047 release is your contact information. This givesrepparttar 125048 media someone to call if they decide to pick uprepparttar 125049 release and do their own investigation and interviews for their own story. If you are a new and upcoming organization, working withrepparttar 125050 media, not againstrepparttar 125051 media, is important -- and how you approachrepparttar 125052 media with your information, or how you respond torepparttar 125053 media's inquiries will be an important factor inrepparttar 125054 success of your organization.

When dealing with media calls concerning a press release you have sent out, you must try to remember that it is, after all,repparttar 125055 media's job to ask hard questions. They may seem as if they are attacking you, and how you answer their hard questions will determine how much support you can get from them. Do not attack back. Don't throw up your hands in frustration in front of them. Remain calm, smile, and answerrepparttar 125056 question torepparttar 125057 best of your ability, usingrepparttar 125058 best poker face you have. The most important rule to follow is never make them angry. The media can destroy you.

It is acceptable, after a work is published that is contrary to your liking, to send out a follow-up press release inrepparttar 125059 form of a rebuttal. Utilizing this opportunity for further press conferences can be rewarding. When doing so, try not to say anything out loud that mentionsrepparttar 125060 name of a specific publication that has violated your trust, sorepparttar 125061 media will not portray you as attacking their competition. You may, however, provide copies of that violation without quotes from you torepparttar 125062 media that shows up forrepparttar 125063 conference, so that they can form their own words to describe what happened. Doing this will ensure that you gainrepparttar 125064 trust of all those who attend.

Shonda Ponder is the editor and owner of the Friends of Liberty web site. Friends of Liberty is a Promotional Media Organization, dedicated to teaching promotional skills to amateurs who are politically active.

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Which Is More Profitable: 'High-Touch' Or 'High-Tech'?

Written by Paula Morrow

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*Give Your Customers Payment Choices

Hard to believe, but not everyone (gasp!) has a credit card. Or is comfortable ordering online, even with a secure order form. Try to be flexible by offering alternatives. Electronic checks, taking orders by telephone or fax, allowingrepparttar mailing in of a check or money order are all worth consideration.

For high ticket items, consider offering an installment plan. Breaking uprepparttar 125046 financial commitment into three payments could make it easier to justify a purchase in your customer's minds.

*Hello, Anyone There?

If a customer wanted to contact you, can they? Do you have your address and phone number posted on your site?

I recognize that some are now hesitant to post an email address, not wanting to fall victim of email harvesting/Spam software, but email is stillrepparttar 125047 preferred method of online contact for many. Weighrepparttar 125048 inconvenience to you versusrepparttar 125049 inconvenience to your customer.

*Gimme My Stuff, Now!

Online, people have become 'instant' junkies. They want it, and they want it now! While great for those with digital downloadable products, this could cause a problem for those dependent on third-party fulfillment houses.

If using a fulfillment house, you must be up front with your customers concerning shipping/arrival times. If there's going to be a delay, let them know.

Avoidrepparttar 125050 negative feelings that will result if a product doesn't arrive as expected, andrepparttar 125051 customer is left to wonder why.

Remember, a customer doesn't need much incentive to leave you for your competition. Don't let them feel that they'd be better treated elsewhere!

There are many other methods you could use to transition a high tech business to one of high touch. Set yourself apart in this way, and your customers will reward you with their loyalty and their dollars.

Paula Morrow heads Ideal Marketing Corporation, specializing in information products and training for newbie netpreneurs. Subscribe to IDEALProfits, now read in 12 countries, and receive 5 bonus ebooks!

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