"Promoting Your Business on CD"

Written by Kenny Love

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5. Another avenue, is to consider doing a local or regional mail-out campaign. You could simply contact prospects via telephone and attempt to qualify them by simply asking if they own a computer and, if so, that you would like to send them a CD of info regarding your hair salon and its services.

6. If your budget allows, yet, another method is to contact an area print publication that specifically targets women and request if you can pay to have your CD attached to one of their issues, or included as an insert.

7. To backtrack for a moment, be sure that your web site contains a form readily viewable on it so that when prospects with online service access your site, your form can readily capture their email address, as well as their mailing address.

This is vital information that you need in order to provide your customers with any updates to your products, services, prices or any other changes that might occur. And, speaking ofrepparttar provision of updates, you should also consider starting a newsletter for this purpose as well if you have not yet done so.

Again, you also want to be sure your CD contains as much vital information for people who don't have online access although, practically anyone with a computer these days, also has access.

This aspect of promotion could serve to either offset and eliminate any print, radio or television advertisement costs you currently have, or serve to complement them. Your overall production costs (bulk rate price and time spent copying files) onrepparttar 125118 compact disc will probably be between $.30 and $.40 per unit.

If you distribute, say, 1000 info CDs at a cost of $400, and gain merely 10% (100) new customers, I believe you will find thatrepparttar 125119 $400 will be a very wise and worthwhile investment, not to mention that you can continue and/or repeatrepparttar 125120 process as often as you wished.

And, if you happen to reside in a small rural area, you could also experience great results by simply distributing your CD information county-wide, or regionally.

Again, this promotional analogy is applicable to, virtually, any business. Further examples include:

1. Auto dealerships working with car parts suppliers, or vice versa.

2. Lawn services working with lawn mower repair shops, or vice versa.

3. How about photography services including their CD of info in their yearly school/student packages?

4. Even in an agricultural community, feed stores could include a CD of their info in farmers' purchases.

5. Why not even go a couple of steps farther by placing audio files or, perhaps, even video files onrepparttar 125121 CD as well?

Your audio could include your voiceover giving a welcome torepparttar 125122 prospect atrepparttar 125123 beginning, and also serve as a direction torepparttar 125124 various business elements on your disc. Likewise, your video could integrate animated video for an even more pleasing experience for your prospective client.

As I stated previously, virtually, everyone, in all areas of your community has a computer and/orrepparttar 125125 availability of online access through friends, relatives, area schools, libraries, etc. And,repparttar 125126 creativity of any part ofrepparttar 125127 promotional CD is only limited by your imagination.

So, why not truly give some serious thought to bringingrepparttar 125128 marketing and promotion of your business intorepparttar 125129 21st Century? Atrepparttar 125130 very least, your promotion via CD should certainly get you noticed far above your area competition.

Kenny Love is a business marketer, promoter and also authors inexpensive handbooks on unique but highly-profitable businesses that many people are unaware of, or simply overlook. His web site is located at http://www.kennylove.net.

10 Rocket-Propelled Ways To Ignite Your Profits!

Written by Larry Dotson

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6. Use holidays as a reason to get free publicity. Write a press release or article aboutrepparttar current holiday. It'll have a high chance of being published.

7. Utilizerepparttar 125117 free content onrepparttar 125118 internet. Publish one article on a single web page and your main web site link then upload it as a doorway page.

8. Test your new products onrepparttar 125119 bottom of your home page. You don't want to take away hits from your best selling products until others are proven.

9. Make commissions without joining an affiliate program. Just propose a joint venture offer to web sites that don't have affiliate programs.

10. Persuade other web sites to link to yours. It can improve your search engine ranking. Just offer them something of value in return.

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