Promote your web business with every email you send!

Written by Dan Karwoski

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your favorite HTML editor and design and build your card. Or if you currently use a printed card just copy it. If you lack design and/or HTML skills you can userepparttar handy form below to painlessly create your own card. If you create your own card remember to use absolute paths (full http path) for all your links and images. In order for this to work with all email clients you will need to place any images you use on a server and create an absolute link torepparttar 109521 image. Ifrepparttar 109522 email recipients don't have HTML enabled in their mail client Outlook automatically creates and sends a text version, which can be read with any program.

Detailed instructions for uploading and using your card are listed here in step 7.

This is a simple and inexpensive way to promote your business. Everyone you correspond with will know that you are a professional.

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Top 7 tips for reducing spam

Written by Patrick Silva

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4) Have an 'All Purpose' email address like a Yahoo or a Hotmail email address to post in forums, chat rooms etc. The email you receive to these addresses are web-based. You can read your Yahoo or Hotmail email messages on your Yahoo or Hotmail account on their web site without downloading them into your computer. You can delete all repparttar spam right from those web sites.

5) If you have your own web site and have to give out your email address for people to contact you, you can 'cloak' your email address by substitutingrepparttar 109520 HTML code forrepparttar 109521 '@' symbol. This way,repparttar 109522 email harvesting robots will not be able to extract your email address from your web site.

When you cloak your email address, you can include an active email link such as 'Contact me' or 'Email me.' When your contact clicks onrepparttar 109523 active email link, her email program will open with your email address inrepparttar 109524 'To' box.

6) Never ever buy anything from a spam email. The information you give out to a spammer could be used for illegal purposes. You could probably end up being a victim of identity theft.

7) Black List every spammers email addresses.

To do this, you have to findrepparttar 109525 email address ofrepparttar 109526 spammer. Most spammers do not give their email addresses inrepparttar 109527 'From' box ofrepparttar 109528 email or they give a phoney one. To find out his real email address, clickrepparttar 109529 'File' button on your email program. Then, when a window opens, click on 'Properties.' This will open a window with two tabs - General and Detail.

The 'General' tab will show yourepparttar 109530 message source and displayrepparttar 109531 email address ofrepparttar 109532 sender. Butrepparttar 109533 'Detail' tab will give you more details like IP address andrepparttar 109534 email address ofrepparttar 109535 sender.

Once you haverepparttar 109536 email address ofrepparttar 109537 spammer, add it to your 'Black List' in your email program. This is somewhat of a tedious process I know. It will innitially take some time to black list email addresses of every spammer. But, believe me, it will surely be worth your trouble onrepparttar 109538 long run.

The above tips, if followed, will greatly reducerepparttar 109539 spam you receive and save you a lot of annoyance, aggravation, frustration and time.

One more point worth mentioning isrepparttar 109540 saying "To reduce spam, do not be a spammer."

============================================================ Patrick Silva is a Seminar Instructor, A public Speaker and a Researcher. He is the editor of 'A Learners Lounge,' a free e-zine dedicated to inspire and motivate you to achieve success. To subscribe, click on the link below ============================================================

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